deGrom Camo

My ABC’s Have Thirteen K’s And One L

It shouldn’t even drive me this insane, this latest bottle of diarrhea that the Mets have served up to us hoping to classify it as vintage because of the night Jacob deGrom had. These games mean absolutely nothing to nobody. The fact that deGrom made history by tying the major league record for K’s to […]

Terry Trippy

Baghdad Terry Strikes Again

“They’ve got a good team. They’ve done a nice job. I don’t think we’re that far away. (…) They’re going to be in good shape. They are young, and they’re going to have another year under their belts, too. But we’ve made a lot of changes here, and I agree exactly with what [general manager Sandy Alderson] […]

Toys R Us

The Price Of Bryce

A note on the picture above: Many of Major League Baseball’s stadiums have beautiful scenery outside them to use for bump shots. Ravines. Mountains. Bridges. Skylines. Citi Field, in its immediate area, has a Toys R Us overlooking the off ramp to the Van Wyck. And apparently that’s the go to shot for scenery in […]

Jenrry Mejia Fishing

Sue Me For What?

I’ve got percoset running through my bloodstream and I’m really, really sleepy. So I might not have seen it right. Did the Mets actually beat the Nationals at Citi Field? And did Jenrry Mejia enter a fishing contest after the game? Mejia’s celebration symbolizes the fact that the Mets will be going fishing, instead of […]

Bartolo Colon gives up HR

Timing Is Everything, And Bartolo Ate His Watch

If you read this blog regularly, then along with being starved for entertainment, you probably think I’m as happy as a pig wallowing in his own feces to finally see Nationals hitters get pitched inside. Well you would be wrong. On Thursday, the Mets found out that three games against the Rockies does not a […]

Jeff Wilpon Parliment

Jeff Wilpon: Still A Dick

I’m not going to go too deep into this here. I’m already sick of this nonsense that Fred Wilpon and The Golden Sperm put this franchise through on a day in/day out basis. But Jeffy is being sued for sexual discrimination, in the latest embarrassing moment for a franchise that seems to be full of […]


Brothers In MRI’s

Terry Collins won’t give David Wright a day off. “He’s a star. Stars don’t need that.” — Anthony Witrado (@awitrado)

Augie Busch

Is There A Disabled List For Bloggers?

I really want to come off as hipster and say that my absence from this blog was about me making a statement about how we’ve become slaves to the mundane writing about these late season games as if they mean something besides renting out a laboratory trying to figure out new ways to lose. About […]

Grady Sizemore Drop

Grady’s Maladies

I opined yesterday: “And in this series which will be decided by the team that decides to suck just a little bit less than the other one …” If ever there was a game which epitomized that statement, it happened on Friday night. The Mets offense sucked as once again they couldn’t support a Jacob […]

Ryan Doumit HR


Hi. I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such quotes as: “I can’t think of a more fitting punishment for Hamels than to play out the rest of his contract on the S.S. Amaro in Philadelphia.” “You know I may be hyper-critical of the Mets, but the Philadelphia Phillies are a clown car.” “To […]

Ruben Tejada error Braves

Next Man Up

It was interesting to hear Josh Lewin on the radio on Wednesday talk about the “next man up” mentality that the Mets have been taking on here at the end of the season. Wednesday’s game featured, once again, no David Wright and no Daniel Murphy due to injuries. Lewin does double duty as the Chargers […]

Lucas Duda Gato Mas

Gato Mas

The Mets took on 90′s nemesis Atlanta on Tuesday night, and thanks to certain events that nobody could have seen coming, the Mets emerged victorious by a score of 3-2. Dillon Gee got his first win since coming back from injury as he pitched six and two thirds of strong baseball, giving up six hits […]

Lucas Duda Dodger Stadium

Tip Of The Hat, Wag Of The Finger (That’s Not Copyrighted, Right?)

First off, hats off to Bartolo Colon. Not only did he come back from terrible circumstances and pitch a good game, but after giving up a first inning run, who would have blamed him if he folded up tent at that point and wasn’t himself? So he comes back, pitches six strong innings, and now […]

David Wright forlorn

Some News Is Good News

There was much to rejoice about in the wake of the Mets’ 7-4 loss to the Dodgers on Saturday … a loss in which Adrian Gonzalez had five RBI, including a three run home run. First bit of good news is the return of Jacob deGrom. While his stat line didn’t look particularly great, he […]

Wilmer Flores error

Death Spiral: 2014 Edition

You know its bad when I start pining for the days of 2007 and 2008. The Mets were the laughingstock of baseball, but at least they were good. Friday night the Mets gave us yet another microcosm of the last six years. No offense, no drama, no reason for the other team to sweat. Hell, […]