Royals Postseason

We’ll Never Be Royals

Don’t be fooled by the title … this post isn’t going to go exactly where you think it is. I promise not to bemoan the fact that the Royals and their fans enjoyed a wonderful evening of playoff baseball and why can’t we have nice things in Flushing and yada yada yada. Screw that. The Royals deserve […]

Bobby Abreu hug

The Incremental End, But The Worry Never Stops

There have been many great musings to mark the end of the 2014 season. If you haven’t already gone to those links, do it now. Don’t even read the rest of this … go visit the links. I thought about what to write after the Mets ended the season with an 8-3 victory over Houston. I realized […]

Lenny Dykstra Walk Off

What About The Power Of Love?

First off, let me get this off my chest: Why was the start time for the Austin Mahone concert game 7:10 while the start time for the Huey Lewis concert game 4:10? What, because you think that Huey Lewis fans are so old that they need to get out early for bedtime? An early bird […]

Jose Altuve

Too Many Altuves

All it takes is one Altuve to be too many for the New York Mets tonight. Of course, one Altuve trumps one Carlos Torres, especially when Carlos Torres has to warm up unexpectedly after Jon Niese left the game with an elevated heartbeat … something he has has problems with before. All it took was […]

Curtis Granderson running

The Splits

The Mets are winding down the season in less than spectacular fashion. They completed a doubleheader against the Nationals on Thursday because it was on the schedule. They won the first game against Nationals’ spot starter Blake Treinen. Then they faced a better pitcher and got three hits. And so it goes. What everybody will […]

Rainout Theater: Mackey Sasser Edition

ESPN’s 30 for 30 Documentary series is the best thing they do. This 30 for 30 Short features former Mets catcher Mackey Sasser, and his battle with throwing the ball back to the pitcher, which took many years after his retirement to resolve. If only David and Rob were around in 1990. Because Mackey really could hit.

Worth 15 minutes of your time.

Adam LaRoche HR Colon

The Secret Revealed

Nope, the Mets still can’t beat Washington. They lost on Tuesday 4-2, with all four runs coming as a result of Bartolo Colon relying on his closing speed to cover first base on a Kevin Frandsen infield base hit. The lapse in judgement (or the ill-timed daydream of a night at Ben’s Chili Bowl, who […]

Sandy Alderson Trade Deadline

Squawking About Sandy

Some things off the top of my head on Sandy Alderson’s reported three year extension: The news of Alderson’s extension, though not officially announced yet, comes on the same day that the Braves fired GM Frank Wren. This may seem like a case of the Mets accepting mediocrity. You would be justified in your frustration. […]

Jacob deGrom Executioner

A Child Shall Kill Them

You would expect your executioner to be dressed in all black to end your life ceremoniously … with pomp and circumstance and an angry mob ready for blood. The executioner of the 2014 Atlanta Braves came in the form of a long haired former shortstop … with power and precision and a mildly perturbed crowd of 35,354 […]

Daniel Murphy Face

Thinning Out The Troops

With each game down the stretch meaning absolutely nothing, one of the things that the Mets can truly evaluate was the play of Dilson Herrera at second base. Dilson had two hits including a two run HR tonight as the Mets defeated the Braves yet again by a score of 4-2. But you notice that […]

Zack Wheeler delivery

Busting Down The Front Door Of Failure

You hear a lot about teams “backing into the playoffs” … you know, clinching a playoff berth with a loss because some other team they needed to lose also lost. The Mets, they back into nothing. They dive head first into the cesspool that is elimination. The Mets had a good night against the Atlanta […]

One Dollar Bill

Wasting Washingtons

I’m getting mixed messages about the Mets and their finances. Specifically about their make believe pursuit of Cuban slugger Yasmani Tomas. While nobody is a sure thing, many of the high end players from the Cuban national team have found a good level of success in the majors. Tomas is considered a high end player, […]

Mets 2007 World Series Tickets

Pouring One Out For Oakland

I like to watch the baseball. When the Mets aren’t on, I search for all sorts of games to watch from the league. And seeing as if I’ve got plenty of time after Ruben Tejada grounds out to second base to end another Mets loss at 10:30 PM, I watch a lot of west coast […]

Marlins celebrate

Back To Losing, Gare

Dillon Gee had a bad first inning, and the Marlins turned into nine Mark Belangers on Wednesday as Miami defeated the Mets 4-3. Adeiny Hechavarria and Garrett Jones turned in web gems, but it was Marcell Ozuna’s inning ending catch at the wall off the bat of Wilmer Flores in the fifth with two runners on that […]

Mets clinch East 1986

A Somewhat Happy Anniversary

It’s incredible to think that 28 years ago right this very minute I was getting ready to go to Shea Stadium to see Dwight Gooden vs. Dennis Eckersley in a potential clinching game for the N.L. East. What you might have forgotten was that the Mets had to lose three straight in Philadelphia and then […]