Ike Davis pitching larger

The Circumstances Surrounding Liking Ike Again

So on the same day that Metsblog reports that the club is looking to add a lefty to the bullpen, Ike Davis gets designated for assignment by the Pirates? And I’m not supposed to think this is a coincidence? Look, all I’m saying is that if it was change of scenery that Davis needed, he […]

R.A. Dickey Blue Jays

Character Assassinated

You know I like to keep track of the former Mets. The ones I like, and the ones I don’t. So this space is dedicated to one of the dearly departed. (Meaning he’s not a Met anymore … not that he died.) This update comes to us from the land of maple syrup and cheeseburger […]

Citi Field Right Field

Pop Quiz

I want to mention one more thing about Citi Field’s new dimensions. The following are actual quotes regarding ballpark dimensions. Your job is to figure out who said them. First one: “I saw four home runs today. The other team didn’t seem to have a problem.” Second one: “If we’re going to start complaining about the […]

Understanding Sporting Odds: The Secret to Becoming a Successful MLB Bettor

Understanding Major League Baseball Odds are essential for the bettors to be in a much winning position. The game of betting, at times, becomes, very intense and tricky. It is not luck, all the time that makes you a winner. Understanding the nitty-gritty of sports betting is also vital. Especially baseball betting involves a lot of learning in […]

Doc Gooden

A Half Century Of Doc

Sometimes I think we get too caught up in anniversaries. Every October 25th we note that it’s the anniversary of Game 6. Every September 17th we talk about the clincher. And on and on and on until we note the completely mundane and monotonous events. Not just Mets wise … everything. We note everything until […]

Niese Collins 3

Question Answered?

What happens first: Terry Collins is fired, or Jon Niese murders him? — Metstradamus (@Metstradamus)

Scott Boras

The Scott Boras Food Pyramid

They say that our government is collecting way too much data and personal information from us. They track where he go, what we buy, what we watch, etc. Well Scott Boras is keeping track of the shopping habits of the New York Mets. If you remember a few years back, Boras was spying on us […]

Dae Sung Boo?

Cap tip to Deadspin for this gem, as apparently Dae Sung Koo is still pitching at 45 years old. Koo had one great moment in the major leagues when he hit a double off Randy Johnson, and then promptly wrecked his shoulder sliding into home plate. Koo being ejected during a game with the Sydney Blue Sox of the Australian Baseball League would, I guess, count as another great moment. Made better by the fact that Koo didn’t wreck his shoulder angrily firing the ball into the stands … I think.

Best part is the announcer saying “Dae Sung Boo? I think so.” Worst part was realizing that the Australian Baseball League plays its games in fields that look like my high school field, with Koo seemingly watching the rest of the games from the cove that houses the ping pong tables and the volleyball nets.

Michael Cuddyer


If you’ve noticed anything about me here, you notice that I generally go for the stream of consciousness on you. And after I initially blogged about the Michael Cuddyer signing yesterday, I had an hours long stream of consciousness about it. I’d like to share as much as I can remember with you. I always […]


I wrote this last Tuesday, when the Rockies gave Michael Cuddyer a qualifying offer, and signing him then seemed like a buried idea … basically saying that the Rockies did the Mets a favor killing the idea … seemingly. Then I wrote this last night, speculating that the Mets might not have a left fielder until […]

Wheel Of Rumors

Wheel Of Rumors

I feel like I write the same post every year around this time. I warn you all to pace yourselves. I advise you that most rumors are red herrings where beat guys chase scoops, and agents and team executives (anonymous in most cases) are all too willing to feed chum to the hungry sharks to […]

Michael Morse Giants points

Mets Backup Plan: Bring DH To National League

There are reports that the Mets, feeling wistful about losing out on Michael Cuddyer, are looking at Michael Morse. Morse, unlike Cuddyer, actually played over 100 games last season, and is three years younger than Cuddyer. And when right, he can hit in the .280′s with an OPS in the low .800′s … and we […]

Gift Baskets

Does Derek Have Any Of Those “Gift Baskets” Left?

Because the Mets need to send one of those puppies to the Colorado Rockies for what they did for Michael Cuddyer today. Today was the deadline for teams to extend qualifying offers to their free agents. One that was not expected was the aforementioned … In a surprising move, the Rockies extended a qualifying offer […]

Asdrubal Cabrera Nationals

Your Post Halloween Spooky Prediction

MLB Trade Rumors put out their annual Top 50 Free Agent list complete with predictions on where they will end up. I hereby predict that they will get more predictions correct than I did during the playoffs. (And if they don’t get more than one right out of 50 then that would be filled with […]