His Brain is Now 100% Mush

“Where are you with Castillo and Tejada at second?” -Reporter, after Sunday’s 3-1 loss

“I have no idea.” -Snoop Manuel

Snoop?  No idea?  There’s a big f***ing shocker.

His post-game news conference was telling, even besides the fact that Snoop doesn’t have the first clue as to what’s going on, whether it be second base, Frankie’s arrest, or life in general.  Snoop seemed, more than ever, like a defeated man.  From the “I have no idea” quote, to the part when he was saying that the Mets need to go on a run, to being asked if the Mets had enough to get out of this funk offensively and replying “nooooooooooooo, no no no no no no”, and then hope for a bunch of bloop hits.  That was my particular favorite.

It’s hard to tell when the transformation from brain to mush started.  Maybe during the game, when his best argument to the umpire after Jose Reyes was caught stealing (a play that ESPN  to death for the next five innings) was “You know, Jose usually gets those” (as he himself said during the broadcast).  Or maybe it started with all the injuries last season.  Or the collapse of 2008.  Or when he was given the job after Willie got a knock on his door at 3:12 in the morning.

Hell, maybe it started way back in 1981 when he started hurting the Mets by driving in the winning run in the game that clinched a playoff spot for the Expos.  It was a game I looked up after watching the 1994 Expos story on MLB Network, which was good television.  If I was blogging when I was 10 years old, I probably would have pitched a fit seeing Ellis Valentine in the Expos locker roomwhile they were celebrating.  Could care less that Valentine probably got a playoff share that season, stay with your own teammates.  And by the way, besides Manuel, there were four five other future managers that played in that game (Cubbage was not the one I forgot).  Can you name them without looking at the boxscore?

But it’s complete tonight.  It’s complete because this team consistently wastes good pitching.  Because David Wright has resigned to olé his way through life.  Because Frankie would rather beat up than man up.  Because this team has all its money tied up in Bernie Madoff and Oliver Perez.

Other than that, I have no idea.  But I’m not the gangsta.  I’m not supposed to have one.


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