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If You Miss the Tender, You’re Off the Cruise

Remember when we counted down the minutes to more exciting things like Johan Santana’s contract extension deadline?  Yeah, those were the days, weren’t they?

Now we’re reduced to counting down the minutes until midnight to find out if Sean Green was non-tendered.  Does life seems empty to you?

Green in fact, was non-tendered. Chris Carter, the guy who Omar Minaya chose to trade Billy Wagner for rather than keeping Wagner, offering arbitration, and getting the two draft picks that the Red Sox got, was also non-tendered.  Two draft picks exchanged for 167 at-bats.  Wonderful. I know there’s no use crying over spilt milk, but when Sandy Alderson took this job he was given an office where milk is still gushing out of the window.  Thanks a bunch, Omar.

John Maine was also non-tendered … but he’s telling people that he was signed to a multi-year deal.  Why?  Must be that habitual liar thing.

Maine will forever be known for that, along with stellar pitching performances in the next to last game of the 2006 NLCS, and the next to last game of the 2007 season.  Unfortunately, somebody didn’t juggle the rotation right.  With his shoulder problems, I hope this isn’t his future:

But don’t worry. Because if you miss John Maine’s shoulder problems, the Mets are aiming to replace him with another shoulder problem, whether it be Chris Young, or now, Jeff Francis. Nice of Jeff Wilpon to hand James Andrews’ address book to Alderson and tell him he can call anyone he wants.  Big f***ing spender.

Besides, Ryan Church and Lastings Milledge are available.  Aah, sweet irony.


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