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Not So Instant Karma

Who was the one person that benefited from the Armando Galarraga incident? Jason Donald. Think about it, Galarraga lost his perfect game, Jim Joyce lost part of his sanity and his spotless reputation as an umpire, and fans lost the chance to witness history. But Donald’s batting average went up. Yeah, probably by percentage points, but the baseball gods weren’t going to let that slide.

Thus, you have Tuesday night, where Donald’s misadventures in the field indirectly led to a five run fifth for the Mets and a 7-6 victory over the Cleveland Indians, which put the Mets a mere half game behind the Atlanta Braves (who are now getting Larry’s retirement party catered). See, everybody gets tagged by the baseball gods eventually. Heaven knows (and maybe hell does too) that Johan Santana has been tagged by them in the form of little run support. So it was sure as heck nice of Ike Davis, Jose Reyes and David Wright to make sure that Santana got some runs on a night where he kinda needed them because he wasn’t quite himself.  And the rest of ‘em barely had to leave the infield to do it.

Of course, it shouldn’t have been so hairy, as we take a look at the Coronary Meter: 

Donald’s last bit of karma came in the form of getting pinch-hit for with two outs in the bottom of the ninth by Shelley Duncan.  Duncan hit a two-run homer off Frankie Rodriguez, who is now required by law to scare people to death in most of the 50 states. By the time the Mets game ended, the Lakers were up on the Celtics by 23 or so points as they forced a Game 7, and it made me wonder if we’d be celebrating the Celtics’ 18th championship tonight if K-Rod was closing for the Lakers:

Nah, only if Justin “Cornbread” Maxwell was playing for the Celtics.


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