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Choose Your Own Second Baseman: Journey At Citi

Second base is a quagmire. One moment, Brad Emaus is the chosen one. Then, Daniel Murphy is the one being drooled over. Then, the manager is promoting Luis Hernandez. All with Luis Castillo and Justin Turner hanging around. What to do?

Well, with a nod to the Choose Your Own Adventure series, and to the corners of the internet that have done this a few times before, you the reader of this blog can take over the decision making.  You are Terry Collins.  And you get to choose the second baseman of the New York Mets.  Are you up to the challenge?

Good.  Well, as you know there are no less than five options to choose from at second base.  You have your own personal favorite in Luis Hernandez.  But the front office has some other ideas.  You want to be a good company man, but you don’t want to put yourself in a position of certain failure.

You can:

March into Sandy Alderson’s office and demand that Luis Hernandez be your starting second baseman.  Or …

Sit back and let the position battle play out on its own and hope that Hernandez shows the brass enough to be the guy.

How will you start your adventure?

To sack up and march into Sandy’s office with a head of steam, click here.
To sit back and play the good soldier and hope for the best, click here.


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