Make Sure You Have Tears, Like This

“Tell them Sarge said it – the Mets are crybabies. That’s why they lose.”

By the same logic, Jimmy Rollins crying about the fans being too quiet during Game 2 is why they lost the NLDS, right?

By the way, Rollins, resident big mouth and expert on all things regarding the Mets clubhouse, didn’t talk after the Phillies lost Game 5 and were eliminated by St. Louis. Yeah, those must be those “intangibles, in the clubhouse, leading the team” things that Rollins was talking about, right?

The scary thing is that a lot of callers on WIP late tonight are killing Rollins … so much so that it might come to Phillie fans actually starting a campaign to bring Jose Reyes to Philly and welcome him with open arms! (And perhaps welcome Julio Franco to replace Ryan Howard and his snapped achilles next season.) But I’m not going to let this possible scenario get in the way of my schadenfreude. So good riddance to the hypocritical, sanctimonious big mouths for 2011. Karma’s a bitch when she’s awake.


Here are the latest results for the Hall of Hate voting (Gary Matthews Sr. will make an appearance in future years, don’t you worry):

Mel Rojas actually made it somewhat close but couldn’t close the gap on Yadier Molina as Rojas lost 37-19. But if you thought that was a romp, Joe Torre never had a chance against Oliver Perez, as Ollie moves on in our Hall of Hate voting eliminating Torre by a score of 60-13. It’s the first victory for Oliver Perez since August 18th, 2009. Perez will have an opponent come Monday when we have our next vote. I promise you the next one is a good one.


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