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Relying on the Cliche

You know, the screenwriters penning our personal hell are just getting lazy.

I mean, Luis Castillo, cut by the Mets on Friday, signs with the Mets’ biggest rival on Sunday?  C’mon, man.  What’s next, he gets the hit to beat the Mets?  Clinch the division?  Win the pennant?

Please.  Next time drive a stake through our heart that might actually kill us and not just make us laugh hysterically.  Luis Castillo leaving the Mets and saving the world from aliens?  That’s original.  Signing with the Phillies?  This is supposed to worry a fan base that’s lived through Pedro Martinez eliminating them, Pedro Feliciano signing with the Yankees, and 2009?  Who cares.

This is getting to be like the later years of Happy Days, isn’t it?  (With Ted McGinley as Mike Herbst.)


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