The 2011 Hall of Hate: The Wilpons vs. Oliver Perez

One semifinal down, one to go. It’s getting interesting, kids:

(1) The Wilpons vs. (5) Oliver Perez

Jimmy Rollins awaits the winner of this matchup as he defeated Tony Bernazard by a score of 60-21. A commenter mentioned that he thought Perez would upset the Wilpons in this pairing. We haven’t had a lot of close votes yet. Maybe this becomes an instant classic?

2011 Hall of Hate: 1 vs. 5
(1) The Wilpons
(5) Oliver Perez
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You have until 3AM Saturday to cast your vote, and then the finals start next Monday … Jimmy Rollins vs. The Wilpons/Oliver Perez. Bart Scott can’t wait.


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