Delayed Inaction

Now you know how I feel about the very thought of trading Ike Davis, specifically to make room for Lucas Duda. Well it seems that the Mets have finally come around to that line of thinking. Here’s why:

“If we trade him, where do we find those 32 homers?” one team executive said.

Here I am thinking that the Mets had some master plan and some forward thinking in mind when they entertained the notion of trading Davis. But now, as it turns out, the Mets decided that 32 homers are hard to replace.  Well not to be mean or anything, but … DUH!!! Of course 32 home runs are hard to replace! It took them six weeks to figure that one out??? If that was the reason they came up with to keep Ike Davis, that’s a five minute conversation at best.

And it took this team six weeks!!!
If you read my blog and think “this guy must have brain damage” it’s because things like this causes me to slam my head against a concrete wall at least once a week for 20 years.


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