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Different Sport, Same Sinker

I'd be remised if I didn't go into some depth about Mike Pelfrey signing a one year deal with the Twins. Pelfrey is that guy that we've had so many discussions about regarding his upside. Was he an ace or not? It was reasonable to expect that the ninth overall pick could potentially be a front of the rotation starting pitcher. But the one chance Pelfrey had to step up to be that front line guy was 2011, when he was the Opening Day starter. That season, he succeeded only in causing me to break stuff in response to his inability to get strike three.

2012 was his chance to get back into everybody's good graces, and he started pretty well. But then came Tommy John surgery and it was all over. Pelfrey's legacy will probably be in opening up a spot in the rotation which eventually belonged to Matt Harvey (of course after Miguel Batista did the unthinkable and made us miss Mike Pelfrey).

Of the four full seasons that Pelfrey pitched for the Mets, two of them were good and two of them were bad. I thought there might have been another New York athlete that had two good seasons and two bad ones and is now on his way out of town along with Pelfrey. Who might that be …

Now you might think that I'm bringing up Sanchez just as an excuse to vent about him. And you'd be right. Triple f**king coverage, Mark? Over and over again??? For crissakes.

But these two New York guys came in with the same type of hype, the same high draft status, in some cases the same sinkerball, and when they were asked to step up and compensate for injuries, whether it be to Johan Santana or to Santonio Holmes, the same inability to get it done. And it was that which greased their skids out of town. Pelfrey to Minnesota, Sanchez … perhaps to Minnesota to back up Christian Ponder. (Making up irresponsible rumors is fun, kids!) The only difference between the two that I can see is that Mike Pelfrey never had a buttfumble accredited to his resume. But he did have this gem:

Who needs a butt to fumble anyway? Good luck, Minnesota.


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