Guy In The Maroon Shirt: Your Jeff Kent Moment Of The Week


In case you haven’t heard, former Met and general curmudgeon Jeff Kent is on this season’s installment of Survivor. Kent talked to three teammates in his whole career, but now he is playing the ultimate social game. Should be interesting.

With three tribes of six instead of two tribes of ten, there is even less chance for Kent to “blend into the crowd” and do his usual loner routine. So yes, I’m curious to see how Kent will fare.

So here’s your Jeff Kent moment of the week:


That’s right. Ten minutes into the f*cking show and Kent tears his knee. The hysterical part of this is that even after saying that he thought that his knee might have popped, he’s still going to attempt to keep his injury from his teammates. Anybody who think that reality television is a sham might change their minds after that, since Kent hiding injuries on television is just like Kent hiding injuries in real life.

In future weeks (since Kent made it through the first week … oh sorry, “spoiler alert”) we can look forward to when Kent’s castmate Dawson will reveal to him that she knows who he is (since he’s trying to hide his baseball career from his tribesmates too). And also if Kent will be successful in rounding up the other tribesmates to eliminate returning castaway Jonathan Penner, who only knew him as the “guy in the maroon shirt” (Don’t you watch baseball, Penner?) And since he’s already had a conversation with the rest of the tribe about this, that makes one more conversation than he ever had in a baseball clubhouse. So nooooooooooooooow he’s a good teammate. Couldn’t do that as a Met, could ya … Jeff from Austin? Dick.


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