Heart Attacks And Smiles

The day started like most days in Met land … one pitcher going in for an MRI, another pitcher reported to “likely miss the 2013 season“. You know, I’m used to this baseball team giving me heart attacks. But I hate it when it happens in the morning and I’m not prepared for it. I can deal with a heart attack at ten at night. Ten in the morning? Before breakfast? That just isn’t fair.

Thankfully, Robert Carson’s MRI showed a mere triceps strain, while Frangag Frantsisk will merely miss the rest of 2012 and not 2013 as well. So the smiles resumed for as much as a Mets fan can smile these days. Thankfully the Mets went into their game against the Pirates worrying about the game at hand, and not about which pitcher’s arm will fly off next. And there was plenty to worry about as Jeremy Hefner took the mound … the same Jeremy Hefner that didn’t record an out the last game he started, while sounding like he was about to cry during the post game interviews. This meant that the only logical conclusion to this Hefner episode was for him to throw seven shutout innings in his next start. Logical, right? It also meant that instead of sounding like he was about to cry, Hefner gave his post game interviews tonight sounding …

Actually, he sounded exactly the same. I guess that was just his voice.

Then there was the matter of David Wright being tied with Ed Kranepool for the club’s all time hit lead. Wright, instead of going on a prolonged 0-for slump which would have sent pretty much every Met fan off a cliff while sparking all sorts of crazy talk about Wright not being able to handle pressure, ended all intrigue with an infield single in the third inning which put him ahead of Ed Kranepool on the all-time list, and sparking all sorts of debate about whether Wright or Darry Strawberry was the better player. (I’m looking more forward to the debate about who’s Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls are better when Wright opens his own restaurant.)

Hopefully there will be plenty of smiles at the end of tomorrow’s match when R.A. Dickey goes for his 20th victory. One of those smiles will belong to Keith Hernandez, who will look weird smiling with no mustache


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