Laborious Fruit

R.A._DickeyIf there’s one thing we can be thankful for, it’s that R.A. Dickey has pretty much single-handedly saved 2012 from being in the conversation for most depressing season of all time. 1993 and 2009 are still the two undisputed kings of that category. 2012 falls in the group of seasons that is starting to run together. 2010-2012, to me, has been one long season. 2013 and maybe 2014 and 2015 if the Mets lose David Wright, could continue that trend, which would mean that in this long season of misery we’re in, 2012 might just be June.

Hopefully, whenever the Mets get out of this season, Dickey will still be a part of this mess. He’s given Mets fans an outlet of hope over the last few seasons, even if it is just for the pursuit of personal goals which in the big picture mean nothing. But Dickey deserves it for his accomplishments, his thoughtfulness, and his representation of the uniform and of the organization. He deserves to see some fruits for his labor, whether it be in the form of a meaningful season (whether it be here or elsewhere), a Cy Young award, or at the very least a 20 win season. I’m sure at the end of his outing today, which lasted two batters into the ninth inning, the fruit of his labor was win number 19 with three more outs and a lump in our throats courtesy of John Buck’s three run jack off Jon Rauch. And I have no problem admitting that if Rauch had given up run number four and cost Dickey his win, that might have been the last Met game I watched this season. Not because I would have refused to watch, but because I would have put myself in a coma over anger.

And it wouldn’t have gotten better throughout the rest of the day. Think about what happened after the Mets won, and think how much more bitter it would have been had Dickey not gotten the victory over the awful, awful embarrassing Miami Marlins. The Yankees won a game where they gave up four runs in the top of the 13th inning. Then, the Giants not only clinched the N.L. West, but did so with Angel Pagan catching the final out.

Meanwhile, the Mets return in that trade almost killed himself on Friday when he grounded into a double play, and threw the bat in his own path causing himself to trip on it.


I really hate baseball sometimes. 


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