Not So Fast My Friends


For those thinking that momentum is squarely with the Giants remember this: this isn’t the first time Chris Carpenter lost a game 6 in the NLCS on the road. The team he lost to had enough momentum to make Sir Issac Newton say “damn”. You know what happened in Game 7.

My prediction: Brian Wilson makes a miraculous comeback from his injury to pitch the top of the ninth, gives up a home run in a tie game to Carlos Beltran, and then on his way to the dugout he rips off his fake beard to reveal his true identity:


Except instead of ripping off the Brian Wilson beard and unleashing a maniacal laugh, Aaron Heilman will take off the beard and just look sad like he always does.

Then, in the bottom of the ninth, after Jason Motte walks the bases loaded with two outs, Adam Wainwright comes in to close the game and freeze Angel Pagan with a curve ball for strike three to send the Cardinals to the World Series.

Mets fans won’t feel any better.


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