Positively Atrocious

It’s hard to find positives in a day which started with Sandy Alderson announced that an inflamed back was the final straw in shutting Johan Santana down for the season (more like a 57-66 record was the final straw). But Matt Harvey pitched six innings while only giving up three hits, walking two, and giving up one run. That sure is positive.

But the outcome was all too predictable, as just as with the previous two games, the Mets lineup made a young/recently injured/past his prime pitcher look like an injury free, veteran at his peak (Wednesday’s recipient was Jeff Francis who was able to turn back the clock to 2007 against the 2012 Mets) … keeping the Rockies in the game until the Mets bullpen can come in and set Citi Field on fire. Tonight’s assailant was Ramon Ramirez, who not only couldn’t field a suicide squeeze, but couldn’t even get the runner at first base. Tonight’s other assailant was Frangag Frantsisk, who gave up two insurance runs in the ninth on some cheap hits, an awful throw by Kelly Shoppach on a stolen base, and some general awful pitching. This all culminated in a tantrum in the dugout which deprived the Mets of refreshing drinks … not that they deserved them or anything.

And by the way, don’t you think it was a strange coincidence that when Jason Bay was at bat, this came on the screen:


All you need is a dollar and a .151 average, and you too can make Jason Bay money.

It’s hard to find new ways to express my frustration with this team while it’s in the death spiral … except to say that they make my head hurt. I tried to take a nap at 1 AM before writing this post to stop my head from the throbbing that this team gives me night in and night out. They’re about to get swept by the Rockies  in a four game series for the first time since … well last year when I was sitting in left field for that awful doubleheader they played where Dexter Fowler got heckled non-sensically.

And guess who’s going to be there again tomorrow sitting in the exact same seats??? (Well not Dexter Fowler, because he hurt himself.)

My head is hurting again. 


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