Put It In The Children’s Books


I was worried when Gio Gonzalez took a no hitter into the sixth inning on Wednesday night against the Cubs. Playing Wednesday night after R.A. Dickey won his 18th game in the afternoon, Gonzalez threatened to give N.L. Cy Young voters their iron clad excuse to give Gonzalez the Cy Young. You know from earlier what the talk is about giving the Cy Young to a knuckleballer. And even though Dickey’s numbers compare very well to Gonzalez’s, you know people are going to look for that one sparkling moment to put him over the top. A no-hitter for a first place team would have done it. But the Cubs touched him up a little bit, so for now Dickey is still in the race. You know he deserves it. I know he deserves it. But something still tells me that Dickey is going to have to lead the league in everything by a country mile to convince the voters he deserves it.

But whether Dickey gets it or not, what’s important is that Dickey is using his success to touch the lives of children, as he has signed with Dial Books to get into the business of writing children’s books. One of Dickey’s future projects is titled “Knuckleball Ned”, and our crack staff has obtained an exclusive look at some of the pages of this book. We will now share them with you here:





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