“This Train” Has A Sense Of Humor


You know damn well that if Angel Pagan was wearing a Mets uniform the ball would have rolled to the wall, everybody on the planet earth would have scored, and Pagan would still be in left center field asking somebody what the fastest route to the ball was. Instead, he’s a San Francisco Giant and this ball landed softly in his glove, and the Giants completed their comeback, winning three games in Cincinnati. The Giants, with Angel Pagan, Guillermo Mota, Marco Scutaro, Joaquin Arias, and Xavier Nady, are in the NLCS.

And we might be headed for an Angel Pagan vs. Carlos Beltran NLCS. Wonderful. This would mean that for the second year in a row, I’m forced to root for the St. Louis Cardinals in a playoff series. Thanks a lot, Mayans.

Your Jeff Kent Moment of the Week:

Speaking of former Giants, the coming attractions for next week shows Kent groaning (probably much like he did when asked to wear the clown suit) looking at his knee brace, then cut to a visit by the medical staff, which usually means somebody can’t go on. Probst then says that it would take near death for somebody to be medically removed from the game. So leave it to Jeff Kent to leave the game while not being near death.

Could it be that Kent’s time is coming to an end? Or did the show pull off one of it’s famous “Cut the coming attractions to make you believe something that never even comes close to actually happening in the show” tricks? We’ll find out. One thing is for sure: It wouldn’t even be his dumbest injury … unless he comes out because his shoulder was impaled by a bamboo stick in the motorcycle wheelie popping challenge.


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