Responding To The Whip

See what happens after a well timed kick in the pants during a game in which the wind is blowing out? You get 17 runs, that’s what happens. And you get dingers from Ike Davis, Scott Hairston and …

Daniel Murphy! His first two of the season, even!!!

It’s what makes this team maddening sometimes. Not only because they survived against some of the best teams that baseball has to offer and then followed it up by dropping two out of three to the Cubs … that’s a running theme with this team through the years. But you saw the juxtaposition with the Yankees, a team that relies on the long ball vs. a team that relies more on the two out hit, an elusive beast which is hard to keep in one place for very long (like my cat most nights.) If the Mets lineup had a little bit of that extra dimension in their lineup … not necessarily to the extent that the Yankees have it … and not even to the extent they had it on Wednesday … then just imagine how much better this lineup would be than it already is. Hey, they were tenth in baseball in runs scored before the 17 runs against the Cubs and probably moved up. If they were just among the middle of the pack, which seems to be about 71, only a few more than the 58 they had going into Wednesday, this would be a scary team to pitch against. We got a taste of that today, thanks to the wind blowing out at Wrigley.

(Yes, it was blowing out for the Cubs too.)

As for the game today, the most heartening thing to come out of Wrigley was Ike Davis finally getting off the interstate. Yup, it was a long road but after going three for five, Davis is at .201 … over the Mendoza line for the first time all season. It was tough for Mario Mendoza to nurse Davis back to health. I believe he fed Davis straight from his beak, like birds do. Or something like that. It’s a bittersweet day for Mendoza to finally set Davis off into the real world by himself, but it’s a day that comes for all animals. And now Davis has to go off on his own like the rest of the birds, and find a better life above the Mendoza line.

Chris_Capuano_DodgersUnfortunately, Davis can’t actually fly on his own … he needs an airplane. And the Mets choice of airplanes to get them to Los Angeles had mechanical problems, so they actually didn’t leave until switching planes to a completely modern replacement and leaving, at last twitter sighting, just over 10 pm ET. This of course means another letdown game might be on the horizon after another late arrival. (No truth to the rumor that the mechanics on the original plane were Mike Scoscia and Mickey Hatcher.)

However, with the Dodgers still missing Matt Kemp and now missing Andre Ethier, the Mets might have them right where they want them. And they could show us what a crazy team they are and win three of four. Then again, we could all be assuming the Mets have the Dodgers right where they want them, and then the Dodgers learn to hit and Snoop Manuel ties Terry Collins up in a closet, puts Jeremy Reed at first base, and the Mets drop three of four. The first game will tell a lot as Chris Young goes against the guy I wanted to stay instead of Mike Pelfrey, the 9-2, 2.60 ERA stylings of Chris Capuano. I’ll probably spend the first six innings sobbing in a corner. But it’ll be a good cry if it ends in a Mets victory.


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