Streak Busters

R.A._DickeyThe omens that surround me are deafening. Thursday’s omen featured a guy on the train wearing an Andres Torres shirsey. It was the first bit of Mets memorabilia that I saw on the way to the game. I laughed it off as an anomaly, especially as I was potentially going to the tenth straight Mets home loss. I should have known better. 

I should have known that the signs were around me all along. Dickey. Johnson. Come on … how many more signs do you need to know that Thursday would be quite large?

Okay, that was gratuitous. But is it a coincidence that I see an Andres Torres shirt for the first time all year, and on my way to the game no less, and he hits a home run and a triple for the first time all year. Now that is large. Large like the home losing streak (9) and Jose Reyes’ hitting streak (26) that both went down in flames and that I was present for. They aren’t selling t-shirts or reproduced ticket stubs to commemorate it, but I feel lucky to have been there to witness it for myself (with help from blogging king Greg Prince, who I have now dubbed “the streak buster”.)

Now, some messages for the good folks who shared this experience with me:

To Pat LaFrieda: Where have you been the last three and a half years? That steak sandwich is off the chain, and worth every penny of the $15 that you ask for it.

To Jeff Wilpon: Greg pointed out to me that everyone’s favorite owner’s son noted that the one thing missing at Citi Field was a steak sandwich. Yeah, because that’s what everybody was talking about. Not the power hitting outfielder that’s missing or the catcher that can catch the ball or the lights out bullpen that’s missing. No, a steak sandwich. That’s what Citi Field needed. Hey Jeffy: Citi Field needs things for the actual field than for the center field pavilion.

(But the sandwich was great.)

To the two guys who chanted David Wright’s name in left field “Yankee Roll Call” style before Dickey gave up his first hit of the game: you can burn in hell if you ever … EVER … do that again.

To the guy that threw back Justin Ruggiano’s home run after caving to peer pressure from the crowd chanting “throw it back”: Do you wait for everyone’s approval before going to the bathroom too? Good job falling in line with the mob mentality that still doesn’t realize that this isn’t Wrigley Field. And as Greg, once again astutely observed, why the hell would anybody steal anything from the Cubs? Because throwing visiting home runs back worked well for them in the last 104 years? Grow a pair and keep the ball. Three is better than none.

To the guy wearing the Kelly Leak jersey complete with the Chico’s Bail Bonds ad on the back: I wanna party with you.

To R.A. Dickey: I hope to multiple gods that Tony La Russa isn’t voting for the Cy Young this season. Because if so, you’re screwed. But to hell with him and all who sympathize with him. You keep this up with the complete games and the five pitch innings, and you’re the Cy Young winner. Hands down.

To Jose Reyes: I’ve never rooted for you to fail. I wasn’t that guy in left field who was screaming at the top of his lungs “IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER!” like the Rangers had just won the Stanley Cup in 1994. I’m not going to let one bunt cloud my appreciation of your talents. Nor will I let your decision to go to Miami, however misguided it may seem to me, keep me from remembering you fondly. But dude …

… this made me laugh.

To the official scorer: A double? You seriously gave David Wright a double on that? Have you lost your mind?

To David Wright: I was so waiting for you to turn toward Reyes while you were on second base and make a snarky comment about his sunglasses or something. That would have been awesome. Why didn’t you? You disappoint me.

To Andres Torres: That little area by the right field line that’s easy to hit home runs, it was put there for a reason. And not for Chase Utley. It was made for you. HOK might not have realized it at the time, but that cut out was built for you. After your home run and triple in that area, maybe it’s time to throw a couple of more pokes that way.

To Carlos Lee: I give you credit for your touching tribute to Michael Jackson. You know, the one where you wear a glove for no apparent reason. You regretting not accepting that trade to the Yankees yet?

To Ozzie Guillen: When the batting averages of your top two hitters add up to less than Justin Ruggiano’s batting average, you’re going to have a problem.

To the Heath Bell we know and love: Welcome back.

To Tim Byrdak: I hope you do come back. And leave on your terms. And I hope that when you do come back that you’re allowed to shake off the catcher.

To the Mets: The Braves come in for three, staring tomorrow. I know R.A. can’t pitch every day even though Terry Collins might resort to that in September. But please try to put forth Thursday’s production for some of the other pitchers. They deserve your support as well. Good job beating Josh Johnson and taking advantage of their errors, bullpen, and two table setters on the interstate. More of that, please. 


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