The Final Giveaway of 2012

Okay folks, the time has come: The final giveaway of the regular season on this here blog. And it’s a doozy.

This time, we’re (we, meaning me, and the good folks at A&E Entertainment and Major League Baseball Productions) giving away the Mets 50th Anniversary Collectors Set. It contains ten DVD’s which contain five of the greatest games in Mets history, rare films and special exclusives, plus an illustrated history. This thing is outstanding, and it could be yours.

Now the last two giveaways I had were kinda easy. One DVD was won within ten minutes, and the other was given away within two. But those were single DVD’s. This is the biggie, so it isn’t going to be that easy. If you win this DVD set, you’re going to earn it.

Here are the rules: Just like the other giveaways, you must have a mailing address in the Continental U.S. or Canada (Looking foward to your hate mail, Alaska and Hawaii.) If you won a DVD from me in the past month, I have to make you ineligible for this one. (We want to spread the love around a bit.) Just like last time, you must submit your answer as a comment at the bottom of this blog post. And most importantly, each eligible winner will be allowed two guesses at the correct answer (comments of other persuasions will not count as actual guesses). I have made it two for reasons which I hope will make it obvious to you when you know what you have to do.

Now for the contest: The idea comes from something that Mike of the Hate List and the Mad Dog used to do to give away Super Bowl tickets. They would play a few soundbites and you had to identify the player. Well, we’re basically doing that. You have to watch the video below, and identify the three voices, which all belong to current or former New York Met players.

Here you go:


Take your time, don’t waste your guesses, and know that I didn’t make it easy for you. First correct guess wins the awesome DVD set.

Good luck! 


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