The Right Thing


In case you missed it, the Montreal Canadiens … a franchise for which Gary Carter never played for playing a sport which Carter never played professionally (albeit in a city that adored him), honored Montreal’s favorite adopted son by wearing his name and number on all their backs during the pre-game skate. They also had a moment of silence for Kid, and even had their mascot Youppi! bring back his old Expos jersey to mark Kid’s passing.

The Mets, a franchise that Gary Carter did play with and brought a championship to, are “still discussing exactly how to honor Carter during the season, and was not ready to announce plans.”

Here’s what I hope that means:

“We’re trying to figure out if we can invite everybody who loved Gary to a special ceremony on Opening Day so we can do this the right way and retire his number as we should have done at some point in the past nine years.”

Here’s what I’ll settle for:

“We’re still not ready to retire his number but we’re going to have a special ceremony at Opening Day to honor his memory.”

Here’s what I hope it doesn’t mean:

“We’re trying to figure out a date for a ceremony … only question is which dark, dreary mid-week night game or weekend game against the Astros or Orioles or some other minor league team that nobody cares about when we normally would draw 9,000 fans can we do this prior to so that we can bring in some much-needed revenue, and perhaps tie it to a five-game plan so that we can help keep this team out of hock.”

Gary Carter spent his life trying to do the right thing. I hope for once the Mets do the same.


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