There’s A Disappointment Here Somewhere

Lucas_Duda_Los_MetsI’m glad the Mets came back and made a game of this. Not so much for the “heart” or the “grit” that the Mets showed, but because when it was 7-2 in favor of the Cubs it was a sure thing that the knives were being sharpened to call this the dreaded “let down” game. And it wasn’t. The loss to the Cubs was simply a case of Johan Santana not having his best stuff after being stepped on by Reed Johnson on the infield hit in the fifth inning. (Bad enough Reed Johnson came into the game hitting .958 off Santana lifetime, he’s gotta step on him and twist his ankle too?)

It was also another loss to Travis Wood, who shut them down for the last “let down” game as well. Perhaps there’s a pattern here … and it lends credence to the theory that the first loss to Wood which came after the travel and after the “emotional” loss to the Yankees had very little to do with travel fatigue and emotional let down. They just can’t beat Travis Wood (or any animal with a left arm). It’s certainly something I would be much more likely to believe than losses being caused by sadness, as if a 162 game baseball season was Days of our Lives.

But that ninth inning comeback? Fun. I can’t even be legitimately mad at Miguel Batista though he did give up the final margin of victory. Can’t even be mad at Terry Collins for putting Batista into what was, at that point, a lost cause. But this team came to life in the ninth and threw out any notion of the Mets “letting down”. Of course part of the ninth inning rejuvenation was Carlos Marmol being … Carlos Marmol. A dinger, three walks, and a base hit. And Lucas Duda up with the tying run at second base and one out. All he needed was to hit that pitch about an inch higher on the bat and that ball is into right field for the game tying hit … and we still might be playing. But Duda got jammed, the ball went into Marmol’s glove (rather than him actually catching it, I think the ball caught him) and Ike Davis was doubled off first. There was our damn “let down” kids. The disaster that started with Reed Johnson stepping on Johan Santana’s ankle ended with Carlos Marmol stepping on a leprechaun. Lucky bastard.

But it’s hard to find the disappointment in Friday night … unless you count turncoat John Leguizamo being let back into the Mets good graces on Friday, even though he publicly became a Yankees fan briefly this spring training. (I can’t say I didn’t expect it at some point.) Bad enough he was in Citi Field, which nobody can do a damn thing about. But was interviewed by SNY during the game. I regret that he wasn’t asked about that little tweet. But I guess celebrity will always be rewarded over loyalty. And yeah, I probably should just “let it go, dude” as I was advised to do last night. But it pisses me off that now that the Mets have gotten “their sh#t 2gether” he’s back and treated like a king. And if he doesn’t have to apologize for it, then I don’t have to apologize for seeing him as a fraud. As the Mets continue to get more and more “sh#t 2gether”, he won’t be the last. This is reality, so I’ve gotta let it go, I guess.


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