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Blame The Supermoon

Scientists claim that the "Supermoon", which is really a normal moon which is at its closest approach to Earth during the year, is not linked to higher crime or bizarre behavior.

"That's just lunacy." -Scientists

Well you scientists may think it's lunacy. You didn't see what I saw today, I saw a baseball pulled so hard in so many different directions in one game. It escaped Ben Revere's glove on a simple catch in center field which turned into a triple. Supermoon must have spiked that into the ground before Revere knew what to do with it. I also saw David Wright hit a home run with one hand into the left field seats at Citizens Bank Park. Supermoon took what was probably going to be an easy fly ball and made it travel about another 100 feet. Not to mention all those things Matt Harvey was doing with the baseball today? If that's lunacy, I'd hate to see what all out anarchy looks like. Because it sure as hell looked like the Supermoon caused this all to happen. There's no other reasonable explanation for all this happening during one baseball game.

Except that Harvey is really good, Wright is strong as an ox and Philadelphia's park is about the size of an older Time Warner cable box, and Revere is … well he's a Phillie. Okay scientists. You win this round.

The Mets took two out of three from the Phillies on Sunday as they turned Revere's Supermoon mishap into three fifth inning runs which turned a close game into a rout, and never looked back as they won 8-0. Harvey went six splendid innings before a rain delay of about three minutes got him pulled. David Wright, while tired, had four extra base hits before he took the lead in the third base All-Star voting. Revere made all of Philadelphia angry, and Charlie Manuel is buying that his team is dead. All in all, I'd say it was a successful Sunday.

And Juan Lagares had an RBI double in the sixth inning. I bring this up because I'd like to see Lagares be rewarded for good games with playing time. On Friday, Lagares had three hits, drove in the winning run, and made a game changing catch in the outfield. On Saturday, as a reward for his efforts, he received a seat on the bench. People in baseball circles talk a hell of a lot about accountability. Sit a guy down if he does something stupid like not hustle, or style after a home run. Accountability works the other way. You want to get the most out of young players who are finding themselves? Reward an effort like Friday's with more playing time. It's one thing to take advantage of a matchup, but it isn't like there was a much better option on the roster to play CF, so why not let Lagares play on Saturday? Flip side, kids.

Lagares also made a key play on Revere's drop as he kept hustling all the way to third base, not assuming that Revere's "catch" was an actual catch. Lagares should play both games in Chicago because of his effort. Luckily, he probably will play both games in Chicago … but because the White Sox are throwing out two lefties in the abbreviated series. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

And speaking of Chicago:

Well that's a hell of a commute for me, but let me see what I can do … stay tuned.


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