Chicago No Hope Part 2: The Road To History Was Paved With Good Peripherals

Well, Anthony Young can sleep well tonight. Or toss and turn … depending on how he looks at it.

Shaun Marcum pitched eight brilliant innings against an offensively challenged White Sox lineup, and the Mets scored three runs with the help of the White Sox Little League defense and came away with a 3-0 victory, one that was credited to Marcum for his first of the season. Sure, he got some help. But eight innings of four hit ball with only two walks isn't anything to sneeze at.

If Hawk Harrelson was driven crazy by Tuesday's pop up, you would think losing to Shaun Marcum would have sent him over the edge of the broadcast booth. I can, however confirm that there was no bloodshed from a falling body. And good thing since I was probably in his path a couple of times.

Yeah, I snuck down. You're not in Citi Field anymore, Dorothy.


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