Jayson Werth Beart

Hairy Man Saves Mets From Hairy Situation

This is a feral cat. New York City has way too many feral cats roaming the streets. Organizations such as NYC Feral Cat Initiative are working to help the problem through their Trap, Neuter, Return program. There are ways that you can help their efforts through volunteering or through donations.

This is Jayson Werth of the Washington Nationals. Werth was officially classified as "feral" by Mets radio announcer Josh Lewin. Werth is making $16 million this season, and $20 million next season. So he doesn't need your donations. Despite that, if Werth were to groom just a little bit, he might be as well kempt as the feral cat you see above. The only thing neutered at Citi Field on Sunday was the Nationals chances of winning when Werth swung at a 3-0 pitch from Scott Rice with runners on first and second, down two runs, and Bryce Harper on deck. It helped secure a 2-0 win for the Mets and for Dillon Gee, who has rebounded nicely in throwing 5 and 2/3's shutout innings (with help from LaTroy Hawkins in the sixth.) John Buck also activated his special lizard skin power for his seventh home run of the season.

But is it dumber than growing a feral cat on his face to play baseball in the summer months with? Well … yes. And we're all thankful for it.


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