Mike Pelfrey Hardened


The fact that the Mets ever, ever had problems with Vance Worley in the past offends every sense that I possess. Friday night in Minneapolis was more indicative of what the Mets should be doing with Vance Worley and his straight fastball … 9 runs in one inning in the freezing cold in a 16-5 victory over the Minnesota Twins. The poor Twins are almost certain to finish in last place this season, and it's most likely because Vance Worley is their ace.

John Buck only had one hit, and it was highly insignificant … just a first inning grand slam, no big deal. Except it is a big deal in short term and long term. It ripped the hearts out of Vance Worley's Twins, and it brought Buck ever closer to wiping Jeff Kent out of the Mets record book once and for all. Kent holds the Mets record for most RBI in a month with 26. Buck now has 19 in his incredible April. Eight more RBI, which is merely a couple of more grand slams (which should be easy with Coors Field the next stop), and Kent will be out of our lives forever.

Other hitters with exceptional days include David Wright with four RBI and three hits, Daniel Murphy with four RBI, four hits, and three runs, and Marlon Byrd with two RBI and two hits. With the Mets notching 16 runs in freezing temperatures, you know that they'll have nothing left for today's game against lefty Scott Diamond. Always works out that way. Best the Mets can hope for is for Matt Harvey to pitch a no-hitter in the cold for nine innings and hope to touch up a reliever in the eighth inning for a run without a hit where the Mets win a duel no-hitter 1-0.

Jon Niese had a very uneven outing. Some quick innings, some rough innings in the cold. And one inning that was extended because of a bad call at the plate. But he battled the cold, and a cold (A guy got a cold in Minnesota? Stop the presses!) Not to mention he had one less pitch to work with because Bud Selig thought it a capital idea to schedule the Mets' only trip to Target Field in f*cking April. So Niese's outing streak of six innings or more is gone. But the good news is that Terry Collins' body wasn't inhabited by the evil spirit of Dallas Green and Niese's arm is still attached to his body.

Random thoughts before I go tonight: first off, what was with the crowd in Minnesota tonight? You had two kids with no shirts on, and a hockey style face wash while fighting over a tossed bat in the stands. I know the hot chocolate and the coffee were free at Target Field but was the brandy free too? It's like Worley took some of the Phillies fans with him.

Also, Andy Martino tells us that people with the Mets who aren't in the inner circle of decision makers say that the Mets are monitoring the Giancarlo Stanton situation. And with the names being thrown around the ones of Zack Wheeler and Travis d'Arnaud, everybody seemed to be up in arms. Before you go more insane than you are usually, let me run down some other players that the Mets have been "monitoring":

Justin Upton

Matt Holliday

Rick Ankiel

Carl Crawford

Johnny Damon

Michael Bourn

So … easy does it chasing those waterfalls, kids.

Last and least, apparently Mike Pelfrey said before the game that New York "hardened" him. I can only imagine:


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