Hefner Could Have Used A Delay

The Brewers/Cubs game was postponed due to cold weather. The White Sox/Nationals game was delayed 15 minutes because the umpires were stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, Wednesday's Mets/Phillies game started right on time. Jeremy Hefner gave up five runs in the first inning and the Phillies, even with Kyle "Philly's Pelfrey" Kendrick on the mound, never looked back as they won 7-3 and took two out of three from the Mets.

It unraveled for the Mets in that first inning when Chase Utley hit a two run HR after Mike Baxter took a horrible angle on a line drive double to right field by Jimmy Rollins. (Ironic how Baxter was the guy to make the great defensive play during the no-hitter, because he should not be playing the outfield on a regular basis, and that play was why.) Then, after a single and a walk, Dan Warthen came out to talk to Hefner, and might as well have read him his grocery list because whatever he said was completely useless as Dominic Brown sealed the game with a long three run dinger to right field. Dan Warthen's advice is like a boogie board on the Titanic.

And speaking of that home run, I wonder if Larry Anderson or the rest of the Phillies sycophants and hypocrites would like to comment on Dominic Brown's choreography at home plate:

Anyone? Larry? Jimmy? Shane? Gary Sr.?


Oh I forgot, it's only evil if Jose Reyes or Jordany Valdespin does it. Right?

The first key play for the Mets came in the next half inning after John Buck homered (yes, again), and the Mets loaded the bases with one out. First, they had to hope Jeremy Hefner didn't hit into a double play, which he didn't. And then Valdespin was at bat. Valdespin was swinging as if it would be his last in the majors, but just missed a couple of Kendrick pitches that could have been put into orbit. The frustrating part of that at-bat, and the whole night really, was that Kendrick came in to the game with a WHIP of 1.76, and batters were hitting .320 against him. He was ripe to be crushed, but he wasn't. It should have been a game of tee ball on both sides, but the Mets couldn't quite get that big hit off of Kendrick and they paid for it.

The second one came with runners on second and third in the fifth inning, and Ike Davis at the plate bloops one to left center. Valdespin on third tags up. Daniel Murphy goes a little ways towards third base, and then as if he had the ghost of Angel Pagan hanging over him like a damn poltergeist telling him "Run Daniel! RUN!!!", he takes off for third base before the ball comes down. Ben Revere catches the ball and Valdespin takes off at 3/4 speed, probably figuring that Murphy wouldn't do something stupid like run more than halfway towards third base before the ball comes down. But stupid is as stupid does, and Murphy was doubled off second base before Valdespin could instagram himself crossing the plate. And yeah, Valdespin probably should have been running full speed if for no other reason than to foster good habits. But he wasn't going to score before Murphy pulled his Pagan.

After that it was all over but the crying … that is, the crying by Jonathan Wimpelbon to the umpire to call the game with one out to go because it was raining. Awwww, poor baby. The Mets are going to Minneapolis to play in the snow on Friday. You can pitch to one more batter in the freakin' rain.

Wimplebon really is hilarious, isn't he? I guess he gets the Cole "I Can't Wait For This S**t To Be Over" Hamels award for the night. Jagoff.

Well it's now time for the Mets to travel for an April series in Minneapolis without a dome. Keith Hernandez had remarked that he had already googled the Radisson in Minneapolis and found out it had a fireplace in the lobby. Useful, except that I'm not sure SNY will let Keith broadcast from the fireplace. Though I'm sure he'll try.

Two things we'll all miss this weekend: Keith broadcasting from a fireplace, and Mike Pelfrey in the Twins rotation. It's already a lost weekend.

Editor's note: It would behoove me not to bring up a positive, and that's … are you sitting down … Lucas Duda. His two solo home runs accounted for the rest of the offense for the Mets on Wednesday, and he jacked both of them to the point that they would have been out of any park including Central Park. The first one was hit against hurricane force winds. His defense has been atrocious, but so far his offense is holding up, and his hits aren't his usual 67-hoppers through the hole on the right side. He's hitting ropes and bombs without sacrificing his plate discipline, and this is what I've been asking for all along. I don't quite know how to handle Duda being good, except to wonder whether you trade him while his value is rising, and to bring you this photoshop:


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