Help Is On The Way

And you thought help wasn't on the way. You thought the Mets didn't have a trick up their sleeve. Au contraire mon frere. The Mets are after an outfielder. A big name outfielder as well.

Well he is a big name. And as you can see from the video evidence I have presented you, he has played some outfield. Listen, Roy Oswalt has only seven less career outfield appearances in professional baseball than Justin Turner, and one more appearance in the major leagues. And only 40 less appearances in the outfield than Jordany Valdespin. Oh, and he can pitch a little too, or so I hear. Bullpen and outfield help on just one salary.

You ain't workin' hard, Sandy. You're workin' smart.


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I've been a Mets fan since 1976. The 1988 NLCS still bothers me infinitely more than it should. I also write about hockey for Puck Drunk Love. I've also been referred to as "Mr. Testosterone", and "this clown". We'll always have 2015.