Daisuke Matsuzaka Cabrera HR

Hickory Dickory Dock, Cabrera Just Cleaned My Clock

At first glance of the boxscore, Daisuke Matsuzaka was who we thought he was. And there was no way that Miguel Cabrera would let him off the hook. Dice K gave up two home runs including a three run shot to Cabrera that tragically landed in somebody's pierogies in the Acela Club, and the Mets predictably lost to the Tigers 6-1.

Considering that Daisuke's outing was peppered with good defense, and that he actually struck out Cabrera in another at-bat, this game could have been a whole lot worse. Also considering that a guy whose last taste of the major leagues was in a season where he had an ERA over eight was facing a lineup with a triple crown winner, a 50 HR guy, and seven other guys who can smack the snot out of a baseball, this game could have been historically bad. And remember, Matsuzaka is only here to save every other arm in the rotation. So mission accomplished … I guess.

But then when you realize that the home run that Matsuzaka gave up to Cabrera was with two outs and first base open, well it's enough to make you think that watching C-Span would have been a better option than this throwaway ball game. Not only did Matsuzaka not throw four baseballs that Cabrera would have needed an oar to hit, but the only pitch he threw in that at-bat couldn't have been more on a tee if it was … put on a freaking tee! Talk all you want about how good the Tigers are and how Matsuzaka was pitching on three days rest, fine. But does pitching on three days rest shut down your brain enough to keep you from pitching around last season's triple crown winner with first base open and two outs? I think not. And that's what makes me bang my head against a wall watching this team … even though the offending party has only worn Met pinstripes for a day and a half.

And if that makes you mad, then think how mad you'll be when Ben Affleck plays Dice K in the movie about Miguel Cabrera:

I'd almost rather see Ben Affleck actually pitch.


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