Collins Argue 2

If It Walks Like A Duck …

So Terry Collins is apparently going to enter the 2013 season as a "lame duck manager". And this was made into somewhat of a big deal, as Sandy Alderson had to address it.

"Sometimes it becomes an issue. I think it’s a function of whether Terry makes it an issue, or the club makes it an issue, or the media makes it an issue. I don’t think the club or Terry will make it an issue. If it does become an issue, we'll manage the issue. I understand the possibility it could become something. I hope it doesn't.”

Being a lame duck manager matters for teams that have expectations. This team has never had expectations. Collins is a caretaker, nothing more. There hasn't been anything close to a growing mutiny to overthrow him. The one player with the cache to get Collins fired loves him too much. I've said in the beginning that when this team is to the point of actually having expectations of competing, Collins probably will not be around to enjoy that.

But he should. Look, the fact that Collins hasn't been run out of town, been the victim of some sort of controversy or mutiny, or plain run screaming out of Citi Field after a July loss to jump into Flushing Bay never to return is a victory for him. So he might mismanage a bullpen once in a while. Who doesn't? Besides, if there's going to be a scapegoat for whatever happens this season, it's going to be Dan Warthen. You don't think the Mets hiring Randy St. Claire to be the pitching coach at Las Vegas wasn't enough of a hint?

Maybe Collins isn't the guy to get the Mets to take that last step to the promised land. I'd be willing to bet on that. But he deserves a chance. I mean, it would be kinda messed up if Collins is let go after three years of managing a discount roster.


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