Reese Havens

It’s Spring For The Announcers Too

I wouldn't know Reese Havens if he came up to me and hit me over the head with a baseball bat. That's assuming he wouldn't swing and miss. Although if he hit me, he probably would pull an oblique muscle and miss a month, the poor bastard.

Point being: I don't get paid to recognize Reese Havens. And contrary to what you might think, I don't carry a spring training roster with me everywhere I go. Nationals announcer Bob Carpenter does get paid for this. But apparently he had a tough time with it on Thursday:

Poor Reese Havens. Though it has to be some sort of record to be mistaken for two different players during the same broadcast. Kinda like when Joel Youngblood got a hit for two different franchises in the same day. I'd put it on par with that.

Oh, and the Mets tied with the Nationals on Thursday. Stephen Strasburg was apparently pretty good (even while working on a sinker). Rafael Montero started for the Mets and held his own. The Mets kicked the ball around, and Jordany Valdespin went the entire game without posting a picture of himself wearing a Marlins hat on to instagram. And Reese Havens, apparently, can walk across a crowded stage undetected because everybody thinks he's somebody else. Maybe he's leaping from life to life, hoping to put right what was once wrong. (If he was really doing that, maybe he could have helped Hicks with his fielding tonight.)

Havens hopes that the next leap will be the leap home. Unfortunately, after he gets designated for assignment, it probably will be.


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