Tino Martinez Marlins Scary

My Liver Hurts

"Only Carlos Torres can save my liver." –Me, yesterday

-Me, today.

If you thought I had nothing to say about Saturday's game, I probably have less to say about Sunday's 14-1 loss. Carlos Torres gave up eight runs in three innings, Wilson Ramos had a grand slam, and Denard Span had his second home run in two days … a wall scraper that Span hit around his ankles, which should infuriate David Aardsma twice as much as it infuriates me.

As for Torres, just as it is for Jeremy Hefner, if regression to the mean is this quick then I'll sign up for it as long as it happens all at once. My fear, as it would be with any minor leaguer pushed into a larger role because of injury, is that people are starting to figure it out. And if that's the case, then Jon Niese had better get healthy really soon so that he can make two pitching spots more productive going forward.

As for the offense …

This was not what the Mets needed going into Waterloo, otherwise known as Miami to face their nemesis: The Marlins … who play the Mets as if they have nine f*cking Chipper Joneses in the lineup. And not only do the Marlins whoop on the Mets every chance they get, but now they have ample motivation to show what they can do while their players aren't in fear of Tino Martinez killing them where they sleep.


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