Lyon Leaves

Off Days

David Wright had his scheduled off day on Thursday. The Mets had a good day anyway.

I had an unscheduled day off from blogging. It was not a good day (or more accurately, not a good four hours). But thankfully it's over and done with enough for me to make my return.

Josh Edgin and Brandon Lyon should have had Friday off. But Terry Collins brought in Edgin to face Denard Span and he gave up a double. Then Lyon came in and completely imploded, blowing Matt Harvey's three run lead (and latest masterful performance though seven innings) on a Ryan Zimmerman bases clearing double. Then Bobby Parnell gave up two runs in the ninth and the Mets lost a typical Met gut puncher, 6-4.

I don't know exactly if bringing in Edgin after David Aardsma was the right or wrong move, though you could certainly say it in hindsight. Edgin had a job to do, and as a lefty he really has one job to do period. And he blew it. I'm not sure what is worse, the fact that he pulled Aardsma after two were out (and after the announcers were gushing over the job that Aardsma has done which propelled him into more important situations), or whether the lefty that Collins brought in should have been Scott Rice. But in either case, and whether TC is right or wrong, it paved the way for Lyon to come in and do what Lyon does, which is nothing good.

So I asked you all on Twitter who to blame was: Edgin, Collins, Lyon, The Wilpons, or Beltran. Since the answers were hysterical, I'm going to let their responses take you home tonight (and sorry that the "parent tweet" appears on every one … I think Twitter might be drunk):


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