Off The Hook

This is a hook.

Notice the absence of one John Buck on this hook.

Forget that he can't hit. Forget that his defense is melancholy. After the Mets made a stirring ninth inning comeback off of J.J. Putz (who is still waiting for his physical), Buck made one of the stupidest plays the free world has ever seen. With ninth inning hero Josh Satin playing the part of the winning run on second and John Buck taking up space at first base with a meaningless run, Putz threw what should have been a wild pitch sending Satin to third easily. But Buck, seemingly armed with the voice of Lucas Duda in his head, decided that he and his 7.8 40 speed is going to take off for second! And in the most predictable outcome since the Marlins had a fire sale, he was thrown out! Go figure!!! Buck taking off for second with a meaningless run is a worse idea than letting Paula Deen choose the theme for your daughter's Sweet 16 party.

(And once again this is what's wrong with this team. Eric Young Jr. was on first base in the 12th, and he didn't make a break for second. But Buck and Duda run like speedsters.)

And not only that, it caused four unnecessary innings to be played where someone could have gotten hurt. And with our luck it would have been Matt Harvey while he was pinch hitting in the 13th inning. Imagine if Buck's stupidity had led to that? He would have been impaled on that hook for all time. But thankfully, no Mets were harmed in the making of Buck's attempted speed.

Cody Ross hit a go-ahead home run in the 13th and flipped his bat like he was Hong Chih Kuo. Now remember over the weekend when I wanted retaliation for David Wright getting dusted, David Aardsma obliged? Well as much I would love to see the uppity bite sized Ross eat dirt for his little bat flip, this was a case where "The best revenge is to win the game" applies. And the Mets did that in the bottom of the 13th as, for some reason, Kirk Gibson decided to walk the winning run on base … and not just the winning run, he walked Buck who since April has hit .002 as the winning run. Harvey then came up and bunted the runners over, causing Gibson to walk Omar Quintanilla to get to Andrew Brown. Brown then did his best Gibson impression and broke the Snakes' hearts with a two run single to win this ridiculous game 5-4 in the 13th inning. Buck with his baserunning blunder and 17 strikeouts on the night can sleep easy.

"It's nerve wracking, and annoying, and I'm just happy it's over." -Andrew Brown on the end of the game

Sounds like me at the end of every season.


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