Frank Francisco

Relapse Or Relief?

The Mets have been the very definition of a team that depends on "if everything goes right". If you've learned nothing else out of life, you've learned that not everything goes right. The Mets have certainly learned that in their recent history, and it only took until 2013 for the first thing to go wrong, as their relief pitcher who moonlights as a closer, Frank Francisco, is at zero percent because his throwing elbow has inflammation.

Only question is, what exactly went wrong? Is it that Frantsisk is hurt? Or is it that Terry Collins has already named Bobby Parnell his replacement?

Oh, no. He's not panicking at all. That's why with all the options in the bullpen he's already named a closer on the second day of spring training. With the lack of confidence shown to Frantsisk so far (not that he's given anybody any reason), this seems like the perfect opportunity to shove Francisco past the margins of the big picture. Imagine this conversation a couple of weeks from now: "Hey coach, I'm ready." "No Frankie, we're good."  Not that I think this conversation will ever happen. I'd be comfortable saying that we're never going to see Frantsisk in a Mets uniform in a real game ever again.

But this shows, if nothing else, that it's a good thing the Mets got all of these 8th inning pitchers to deliver leads to Bobby Parnell so that he can drive us all to drink in the ninth.


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I've been a Mets fan since 1976. The 1988 NLCS still bothers me infinitely more than it should. Keep reaching for the stars, and then get checked for a torn ligament.