Ruben Tejada Spring Training

Ruben Gate Ends Before It Can Truly Begin

Sad news to report as Ruben Tejada reported to spring training on Saturday, nine days before the deadline for position players to report.

This is sad because I now have no reason to complain about useless controversy. First it was Luis Castillo who was chastised for showing up on time (when there were so many real reasons to chastise him), and last year, it was Tejada. But now that's over, and we have nothing left to worry about except whether Ike Davis will find new friends before Opening Day. We'll have to bide our time waiting for a Met to create a controversy … do something dumb like wait until the minute spring training starts to show up. Or say something stupid to the media about Met fans being stupid … Shack Shack being terrible … or Rocky V being underrated.

I'm betting on Francisco.


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