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Suspended Sombrero

I don't intend to make every blog post about Ike Davis. I really don't. But here's what I want to discuss about Ike from Friday's suspended game:

So in the top of the eighth inning, Evan Gattis comes up for the Braves. Now if your address is 385 Under A Rock, Evan Gattis is a beast of a man. He looks like a child took the most muscular parts of every action figure he has and put together a hybrid doll. He-Man's arms, Ken's torso, the Hulk's legs (yes, they're green), and the head of Breaker from GI Joe. Think Lucas Duda, but scarier and ganglier. It's like Brian McCann and Dan Uggla had a love child, and then Clue Haywood ate him.

So Gattis comes up to the plate with the bases loaded, and you think he's just going to take three wild cuts, and if he runs into one its gone. But check this out, Gattis actually contorts his He-Man Hulk Ken Breaker body and fouls off a couple of tough pitches from Greg Burke, keeping him in the at-bat long enough to line a two run single to give the Braves a 5-3 lead.

And at that point I got to thinking about Ike Davis. Why? I'm obsessed. But listen, when was the last time you saw Ike Davis fight off a pitch as if his life depended on it, in much the way Gattis did in the eighth … and not take yet another spring training la-de-da I'm working on my swing, er … swing? It's bad when you have to rack your brain to remember a simple foul ball. And then, in the bottom of the eighth, with Davis down 0-2, he did it! He fouled off a f*cking curveball. And I jumped out of my chair! That's how bad Davis is right now … I jump out of my seat for it. And I wasn't the only one. The crowd at Citi Field let loose with a cheer that actually sounded halfway sincere mixed in with the sarcasm. When a foul ball is so obviously a huge step up from normal production that everybody in a cold, wet, shivering ballpark notices, that's how you know when it's time for a reboot in Las Vegas, or Binghamton, or a secluded batting cage high in the mountainous regions of Bolivia.

By the way, Ike struck out on the next pitch.

But fear not, because the free world's leader in golden sombreros couldn't stop the Mets from tying up the game in the bottom of the eighth, as Daniel Murphy drove home a run with a single, and B.J. Upton's attempt at humor in center field sent the tying run to third. And good thing, because the driving rain guided a subsequent Anthony Varvaro pitch through McCann's legs which scored the game tying run. And then the rains came, which means that Friday night gave us the first suspended game in Mets history. It will be resumed tomorrow at 6:10, and it might go untelevised. This means that Ike could get himself the platinum sombrero and nobody would see it. Such a shame.


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