Lucas Duda couch

An Apology

We all know that a New York Post columnist was escorted from the Mets clubhouse recently when his joke about peanut butter was the final straw that broke their backs.

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment that I would have been kicked out of the clubhouse if I was ever allowed in. And if you go back through my blog archives, you’ll understand why. But a contender for that title might have been when I posted the following after Lucas Duda broke his wrist while moving:

Lucas Duda couch

Of course I wondered why a guy who makes as much money as Lucas does wouldn’t hire a moving company to do all the work. Or perhaps why Duda wouldn’t rely on the New York Mets take care of all that for him.

Well, now I know why. It’s because you shouldn’t rely on the New York Mets to do anything:

Lucas Duda, the Mets’ power-hitting first baseman, returned home from a recent road trip to find some of his possessions were missing after a moving company hired by the ballclub transferred his belongings to a new apartment, NYPD sources told the Daily News on Monday. (…) The slugger was missing a checkbook, a knock-off Breitling watch, two jackets and a bracelet, the sources said, noting the total value of the items was about $1,600.

All things, coincidentally, that you can find in the Mets team store right under the section that has the special “Mets loom bands”. Not that the presence of these items has any relation to the theft. Not at all.

I mean, who did the Mets hire? The Charlie Samuels moving company?

So I apologize to you, Mr. Duda. I should have realized that you breaking your wrist was actually the lesser of two evils.


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