Dan Uggla Error 2

Clang Clang Clang Goes Dan Uggla

Dan Uggla SteakApologies in advance if you were hoping for rainbows and puppies and sunshine. But I’m not about to start dreaming about the pennant because of a victory that was gift wrapped for us by Dan Uggla. I suppose it is the same way that Braves fans probably should have felt after Saturday’s win which was handed to them by Jose “Papa Mop Up” Valverde. I should just say “well Suzyn, that’s baseball” and move on. But dammit the Mets were a competent second baseman away from getting swept at home by the Braves.

Oh, but Curtis Granderson won the game with a sac fly in the 14th! Hooray! Excuse me while I contain my excitement.

None of their runs were scored as a direct result of a hit. In an opportunity to fix this, the Mets have finally done the inevitable to bring more consistency to the offensive attack:

Omar Minaya Scooby DooInevitable … as in ridiculous. But we knew this was happening, as if this whole season was just a series of maneuvers to make sure Bobby Abreu plays baseball with the New York Mets in 2014 … and certainly before his opt out clause kicked in as if we couldn’t just let him go like he was Mike Trout. It’s as if Scooby and the gang ripped off Sandy Alderson’s mask to reveal that he was Omar Minaya all along. Dave Hudgens telling the organization that Abreu looked great in winter ball and fits the Mets hitting philosophy is this decade’s version of “I can fix him in ten minutes” … and on the tenth anniversary too. I’m amazed this franchise didn’t do something stupid like trade Zack Wheeler for Abreu.

And you wonder why Mets fans complain about minor league signings. Because always … always … these small little signings that people say “uuuuhhhhhhh why you complaining about a stupid lousy minor league signing it means nothing uuuuuuhhhhhh” turn into pieces that become way too important in the dynamic of this club. And frankly I never want to hear anybody say “stop complaining its only a minor league deal” again. It’s never just a minor league signing with this stupid organization. Minor league signings turn into bench insurance into fourth outfielders into 40-year-old everyday cleanup hitters. It’s coming. Just watch.


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