Shots Fired

Before last night’s game against San Francisco, former Mets catcher, Paul Lo Duca came out firing shots against the organization and former GM Omar Minaya. He explained that after to the 2006-2007 seasons, the Mets “stuck their hopes in a guy that, let’s be honest, had no clue what was going on. None. The guy was an idiot. And he ended up making the franchise go backwards. Where the Mets have always made the mistake is they’ve always settled for mediocrity.” I don’t know if I can blame Minaya entirely. I was never a fan of his, especially the has-beens he brought in after the collapse. But, ownership should’ve been the focus. Minaya is long gone and issues still remain with this team. Lo Duca then went on to critique the players who are underperforming, which was an eye opener.

Trade David Wright? How dare him say such blasphemy. As much as I don’t want to even think about that happening, I won’t be surprised. This team has a history of trading franchise players and prospects who have become stars for nothing in return. To name a few: Nolan Ryan to the Angels for shortstop Jim Fregosi, Tom Seaver to the Reds in exchange for pitcher Pat Zachry, infielder Doug Flynn, and outfielders Steve Henderson and Dan Norman, Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano and most recently, Carlos Gomez and others for Johan Santana. As much as I loved Santana, he was damaged goods. (It sucks to find out that he worked so hard to make yet another comeback to end his season with a torn achilles.) Who would we get for Wright? who knows? Do Mets fans want to see this generation’s Tom Seaver leave? Hell no!

Lo Duca’s view on Mets catching were fair. But, I am really running out of patience with Travis d’Arnaud. Lo Duca was the last Mets catcher to hit over .300 and that was 8 years ago. In my life time, he was arguably the best number 2 hitter we have had. Mets catchers have been disappointing for nearly a decade. I was hoping to hear him go a little bit more in-depth on this situation.

agree with Lo Duca on giving young players a chance to prove themselves, instead of having Bobby Abreu start over Juan Lagares. I look forward to seeing more of Jacob deGrom and Rafael Montero. Bartolo Colon has not lived up to his contact so far. He is no where close to the pitcher he was last year.

Jacob deGrom

I was always a fan of Lo Duca. When I was my best friends personal catcher back in high school, that was my nick name. And, because we have a strong resemblance. Besides the Minaya comments, I didn’t have much of a problem. We all want this team to win. We want to see the young talent that was promised. You want more fans in the seats? Let us watch those players in person, instead of having post-game concerts become the main attraction. That shows me that management has no faith in this team. Yes, playing the hot hand is good, but when the kids hit a slump, the only way for them to overcome it, is to play through it. Having them sit on the bench solves nothing!

Carlos Montañez

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