Jeff Francoeur swing and miss

The Origin Of The Polar Vortex

You might have noticed that New York City is in the range of a "polar vortex". A polar vortex is an arctic air mass that has traveled away from the north pole, causing frigid temperatures in places that don't normally experience them. The reason that the polar vortex is here in 2014 is easily explained as something that comes from years of human negligence that has caused this to happen.

You see, in addition to the "mix of atmospheric ingredients that came together to give New York a precipitous, once-every-few-decades swing", Jeff Francoeur had the fourth highest swing and miss rate on pitches outside the strike zone during the 2009 and 2010 seasons at 39.5%. The air mass accumulated by the motion of Francoeur's once every few seconds swings and misses slowly gathered, and after four years that air mass formed a cyclone at the North Pole which pushed the cold arctic air down to New York for a day, and became just another atmospheric ingredients. So as you bundle up today to get to work to protect yourself from a wind chill of -16, remember that this all started in 2009 when Omar Minaya traded Ryan Church for Jeff Francoeur.  Yup, you have Frenchy to thank for this.


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