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Kyle Farnsworth Camo


Good therapy tells you to focus on the positive. So I’m not going to mention that Curtis Granderson struck out three more times on Monday, and that there’s a drinking game that requires you to down a beer every time he gets a hit. (Did I mention that it’s a drinking game for recovering alcoholics?) I’m […]

Dan Uggla Error 2

Clang Clang Clang Goes Dan Uggla

Apologies in advance if you were hoping for rainbows and puppies and sunshine. But I’m not about to start dreaming about the pennant because of a victory that was gift wrapped for us by Dan Uggla. I suppose it is the same way that Braves fans probably should have felt after Saturday’s win which was […]

Justin Upton HR

How Dost Thou Piss Me Off, Let Me Count The Ways

So many things hacked me about Saturday’s loss to the Braves. It’s hard to discern the legitimate complaints from the complaints that might be a tad unfair. It’s harder to draw the line, and it’s getting harder and harder to find the unfairness. First off, let’s rely on our knowledge of simple physics: An object […]


The Irresistible Force Meeting the Immovable Object

I could of went a couple of directions with this one. That Valverde 2-2 fastball to Justin Upton that went over the centerfield wall is still irking me. But, knowing the Mets and their closers(except for Billy Wagner) that wasn’t a surprise. I wonder (dare I say it) what Frank Francisco is up to these […]

Roger McDowell

This Is All Roger McDowell’s Fault

C’mon, six and three road trip? You knew what was coming next. That’s right, the letdown game. But there’s a difference between letting you down easy, and letting you down in the way that you would let a body down from the top of the Empire State Building at full speed. Whether it was the long […]


Tickets are Tree Fiddy, Yet The Mets get Shutdown by Lurch

Well the guy the Mets looked over this past off-season is currently leading the National League in ERA (0.70). While the remains of John Lannan had an eye popping ERA of 15.75. Should I care that 35-year-old Lurch is pitching the best he has since 2006? Probably not. What I do care about is that this Mets team just got one-hit by the […]

Ike Davis Depressed

We Have A Trade

Well it took a little longer than expected, and considering who the bosses are, the resolution went in the expected direction. Ike Davis is gone. And I have another outdated shirsey. The hysteria surrounding the traded started when the Mets didn’t post their lineup until about 6:40, and the speculation started: Mets trade Brandon & […]

Mr. Met Crosshairs red

In The Crosshairs (Quite Literally)

Ever have a mascot be threatened with sniper fire from the government? Well, the Mets have. (We’re number one!): Former Mets mascot AJ Mass, in a new book about his time on the job in Shea Stadium, recounted the April day when one federal agent threatened to put a bullet between the stitches of his […]

Anthony Recker HR

Despite The Best Efforts Of The Supposed Closer …

The Mets completed their sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks with a 5-2 victory on Thursday. This happened in large parts due to the efforts of Dillon Gee, who pitched seven shutout innings against the Snakes, and made the key play of the game in the sixth when he alertly covered a naked second base to […]

Kirk Nieuwenhuis Arizona

A Diamondback Without Venom Is A Belt

I remember when the Mets used to have fun in Arizona. From 2005-2008 (otherwise known as “when the Mets were good”), the Mets went 13-2 in Chase Field, outscoring the Diamondbacks by a cumulative score of 113-40. And I think there were a couple of those seasons when the Snakes might have actually been good. […]

This Should End Well …

David Wright base hit

Locusts, Frogs, and Outfielders

You’d be forgiven if you saw Curtis Granderson crash into the wall during the first inning on Monday night against Arizona and thought “Oh good, another parallel to Jason Bay.” Free agent Mets outfielders should not, under any circumstances, crash into walls. It doesn’t work out for them. Luckily, Granderson didn’t suffer any sort of […]

Oh, Frenchy …

I have no words. Just watch:

Just a reminder, the Mets paid this guy to play baseball for close to a year.

Hilarity provided by The Big Lead

Bartolo Colon tickets large

Fool Me Four Times

I was moved by the fact that Bartolo Colon pitched such a good game on Tuesday while dealing with a significant illness in the family. To say that Bartolo got shelled on Sunday because his heart wasn’t in it would minimize the way he got through his outing on Tuesday. And more importantly it would […]