Lucas Duda Camo

This Ain’t Shark Week

It would be easy to say that I can’t figure the Mets out … scoring seven runs off midseason A’s prize Jeff Samardzija (and yes, I can spell it without looking, fools) while getting shut down by the likes of Vance Worley and Odrisamer Despaigne (I had to look up Odrisamer). But that’s the essence […]

Matt Harvey 600

Living The Life Of Dreams

This was an actual dream I had this morning: Matt Harvey is in the clubhouse before the game tonight, and he gives the most inspirational speech of the season … something like “Are you going to let management bully you and make you do things you don’t want to do? Well I’m not! And I’m going […]

Carlos Torres Camo

There Is No Dana, Only Fools

I want to touch on Carlos Torres’ great outing on Monday, as he went five innings while giving up three hits and striking out six in an emergency start after pitching a third of an inning the day before. But I can’t do that without mentioning the reason for Torres’ emergency start, as Bartolo Colon […]

Starlin Castro

Skyrocketing Price … Afternoon Delight

Starlin Castro hit a game winning home run off of Jenrry Mejia and his hernia in the ninth inning to send the Mets to a Sunday loss by a score of 2-1. If the Mets want to trade for Castro now, he’ll likely cost Noah Syndergaard, Keith Hernandez, and Sandy Alderson’s first born. Theo Epstein […]

David Wright beaned Cubs

How Many Times?

Dan Straily probably didn’t mean to hit David Wright flush in his injured shoulder. In fact, Straily’s wildness during the rest of the sixth inning with two walks, including a run scoring walk, would prove that point. But for crissakes, does anybody on the hill for the Mets want to protect their teammate and make […]

Adam LaRoche Home Run

The Tipping Point

I was going to do a little fun thing where I was going to tell you what I would do if I were the commissioner of baseball, in light of Rob Manfred being voted in as Bud Selig’s successor. But I’m not going to do that. That’s how much Thursday night’s Mets game pissed me […]

den Dekker Play at Plate

High Comedy

So atypically strange, this game. Yet the ending? So typical of our friends in Flushing. The Nationals tried like hell to give the Mets the game on Wednesday. The first run scored when Kevin Frandsen dropped an easy fly ball (and if you didn’t see the game, it wasn’t one of those “he ran like […]


Curb Your Enthusiasm

“I’m really excited, because I think September’s going to mean something.” -Terry Collins Mean what … school? NHL training camps? Mozambique Revolution Day? Because after the Mets were handed a 7-1 thumping by the Washington Nationals, I can’t help but think that that’s all September 2014 is going to mean to us as Mets fans. Rafael Montero […]

Joke ‘Em If They Can’t Take A …

I like making you laugh. But there’s a difference between making you laugh and being funny. The world lost a funny man yesterday. So I’m not going to even try. Partly because I’ve been wasting the last few hours watching old Robin Williams standup specials on youtube and haven’t had time to think of anything […]

Wilmer Flores shortstop

Caped Blewsaders

Following the New York Mets is like watching a really long Batman episode. Same damn villains. Every week. Batman thinks he has them contained, but they keep popping up … just like our enemies. Adam West had the Joker, the Riddler, and the Penguin. The Mets? Arm injuries, collapsible bullpens, and questionable managerial moves. Oh, […]

Utley scared of Lucas Duda

Maps, Formulas, and Buddhist Chants

When I was riding the bus today I realized that Saturday’s pitching matchup was Cole Hamels vs. Dillon Gee. Gee’s career ERA against Philadelphia coming into the night was 7.56 in 12 games (11 starts), and he has a WHIP of 1.56. Moreover, Ryan Howard was 9-for-20 with six home runs. I wanted to look […]

Lagares Young

Till I Reach My Middle Ground

Adam LaRoche’s two doubles in his first two at-bats today tempted me to just write the same post from last night over again. It still applies, since I’m still quite sick and tired of Adam LaRoche. But the third run the Nationals scored during Thursday afternoon’s game was cause for much consternation. With LaRoche on […]

Adam LaRoche

I’m Getting Quite Sick And Tired Of Adam LaRoche

Yes, this is a petulant post. But I’m tired of Adam LaRoche magically recovering from batting slumps against the Mets. LaRoche is an underrated Mets killer. In his career before tonight, LaRoche has played in 128 games against Flushing, with 507 plate appearances. He’s hitting .249 with 24 HR’s and 79 RBI, and has an […]