Yoenis Cespedes

Watching The World Spin

I was at the Mets game yesterday when I said to my companion that I felt that Thursday’s trade deadline was going to be … and this was the word I used … “bonkers”. In my mind when I said this I was thinking “we’re going to see something that no one has yet seen […]

Papelbon Sharknado

The One Where Jonathan Papelbon Gets Eaten By Sharks

So I hear that Sharknado 2 was supposed to debut today, and I kept hearing that it was at Citi Field. So I went to the game yesterday afternoon against Philadelphia. And I didn’t see any damn sharks. I was told the sharks were “coming to Citi Field!” So I expected that they would swoop […]

Cole Hamels Angry

Stirring The Pot

You would think Terry Collins would be happy, what with the way his team has been playing lately. But ask him about playing … or not playing Wilmer Flores as our buddies at Sports Talk NY did, then you get an interesting pre-game exchange. The best part about it is that I was thinking about […]


Trade Vapor

The picture above says it all. You know I may be hyper-critical of the Mets, but the Philadelphia Phillies are a clown car. Any loss to that group is an affront to common sense. Ruben Amaro makes Omar Minaya look like a fiscally responsible advocate of youth. The Mets’ 7-1 win over the Phillies was […]

Lucas Duda Milwaukee Swing

No Habia Ninguina Duda

I took four years of Spanish. Here’s what I retained: “Mi perro esta en fuego en la cocina.” Go ahead and Google Translate that one if you want to laugh at my lack of retention. I’ll wait. *** I recently learned that the word “duda” translates to “doubt”. I thought for sure this would be […]

Jon Niese Look


Mike Vorkunov of the Star Ledger talked of how the Mets were irritated on Saturday … frustrated … and how it was “visible, wherever you looked.” So I looked. And I saw that during the three run fifth that decided the Mets’ 5-2 loss to the Brewers, Niese’s frustration was visible from jump. Mark Reynolds led […]

Daisuke Matsuzaka

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Tuesday July 22nd: “There is definitely not much good that can come from pitching through pain, Especially with pain you have to make adjustments to your mechanics and one thing leads to another, not much good that comes from it.” -Daisuke Matsuzaka Thursday, July 24th: Daisuke Matsuzaka returned to New York today for an MRI […]

free rodriguez

Let The Healing Begin

A small part of my baseball soul … which I recently described to somebody as being “shriveled up and colored deep brown”, healed tonight. There’s still a long … long … long way to go for me to be completely healed, but there was a symmetry that occurred Friday night, and it was a long […]

Bernie Brewer Slid

Anything Rhyme With Schlemazel?

The Mets had to be feeling pretty good leaving Seattle yesterday. Two good pitching performances … their offense actually scored three runs a game … nobody got so hopped up on caffeine from drinking Starbucks that they ran into a wall and broke their femur … life was good for the New York Mets. And […]

Bartolo Colon tickets large


I don’t want to bury the lead here, but I want to give Jacob deGrom his deserved props … because he was excellent on Tuesday and I lost a heated battle to my couch that night which prevented me from blogging. deGrom went seven strong on Tuesday giving up five hits and a walk as […]

A Happier Anniversary

July 22nd, 1986: When Dave Parker dropped one hit right to him … and Jesse Orosco didn’t.

Oh, and when Ray Knight was the baddest man on the planet.

(2:56:21 for the drop, and 4:37:28 for the catch, and 3:29:38 for the reason Orosco and Roger McDowell had to play the outfield.)

Zunino Bloomquist

Hang It On Me

The Mets lost because Jon Niese can’t be expected to come back from the disabled list looking sharp. The Mets lost because their offense has retreated to their hole of suck. The Mets lost because Dustin Ackley said “was it like this, Endy?” But mostly, I’m convinced, the Mets lost because back in November, I […]

Padres walk off

When Two Extremes Meet In The Middle

“Zack Wheeler goes against Odrisamer Despaigne on Sunday so that game could either be extremely entertaining, or reach through my soul and rip my throat out. Me being a Mets fan, there is no in between.” -Me … being extremely prescient as usual As you know, I hate being right. But when I wrote that last night, […]

Travis d'Arnaud Teeth

Back Not With A Bang But With An Easy Swing

We should send more thanks to Wally Backman tonight. Maybe send him an FTD Floral Bouquet or something. Because whatever he did to Travis d’Arnaud is working in spades as the Mets rode his hot bat to the tune of a 5-4 victory. d’Arnaud had three hits out of five and drove in two of […]