Meet The New Year, Same As The Old Year

I can’t think of a better way to leave 2010 than this: maSShFAyvig[/youtube] No matter what I think of, whether it’s David Wright’s opening day home run, Ike Davis flipping over the railing hundreds of times, Oliver Perez refusing minor league assignments, strikes, or common sense, Carlos Beltran’s rush to surgery, Jeff Francoeur’s […]

chin-lung hu


Here’s why I suck (yeah, again): I was all excited with this great idea with the Mets acquiring Chin-lung Hu from the Dodgers that I was going to do a whole post called “Chin-lung Hu: A Photo Essay”.  And I knew I could do this because when I was in Orlando in 2008 I saw the […]

carrasco royals

Christmas Creativity

Well … it’s creative. It’s not the kind of creative I had in mind, but D.J. Carrasco, signed to provide relief (and for a reliever’s salary), could very well fill a starter’s rolewith the Mets. Sounds like the Mets are being prepped for the very real possibility that two guys with a history of arm […]

pedro feliciano

The Multiverse is On Shuffle

 There is increasing proof that we live in a dimension with alternate universe. In April of 2011, when Pedro Feliciano puts on a Yankee uniform, we as a species will enter one of those universes. If David Wright was the team’s heart, Carlos Beltran was its soul, and Jose Reyes was its ill-timed sugar […]

ruben amaro 2

Pins and Needles, Needles and Pins

I need to make something clear right off the bat here: I’m still down with Sandy Alderson’s current plan, which is to lie low and concentrate on the minors and the draft and build from within after building the “within”.  It’s not that I’m happy with the inactivity, but unfortunately it’s necessary. I do wish that […]

boof bonser

There Ain’t No Key, You Gotta Boof Your Way Out

You knew that once Boof Bonser signed, the rest of the dominoes would fall. Think about it, Boof signs a deal with the Mets, and then all of a sudden Paul Konerko and Carl Crawford sign, and the Cliff Lee camp says there will be a decision by the weekend.  Everyone fears Boof, and the […]

caviar 100

Proof That You Need 180 Proof To Get Through 2011

Things caught my eye today.  Like this: “Regardless of the outcome of these discussions, we want to emphasize that the New York Mets will have all the necessary financial and operational resources to fully compete and win. That is our commitment to our fans and to New York.” -The Mets on that whole lawsuit thing… […]

werth subway

Warped Perspective

While I applaud Sandy Alderson for not being afraid to mock a division rival, I’m not exactly sure that picking a fight with the Washington Nationals makes the Mets look like they’re shooting for the moon. “It makes some of our contracts look pretty good … That’s a long time and a lot of money. […]

adrian gonzalez

The One Trade Tutorial

I hope everyone at Met headquarters was taking notice. No, not because I expected them to trade for Adrian Gonzalez.  Ha! The five million they supposedly have left couldn’t buy Adrienne Barbeau much less Adrian Gonzalez. But I hope former and present Mets employees and employers realize … whether it be Omar Minaya, Jeff Wilpon, or the Saber […]

john maine hobo

If You Miss the Tender, You’re Off the Cruise

Remember when we counted down the minutes to more exciting things like Johan Santana’s contract extension deadline?  Yeah, those were the days, weren’t they? Now we’re reduced to counting down the minutes until midnight to find out if Sean Green was non-tendered.  Does life seems empty to you? Green in fact, was non-tendered. Chris Carter, the guy who […]

fernando nieve

Taking His Talents …

The Mets have announced that there will be extra security at the Mets game on May 30th at Citi Field when they play the Pittsburgh Pirates. Security will be tightened for the return of Fernando Nieve, who announced that he’s signing with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Nieve’s announcement came much like LeBron’s “Decision” show, except there were […]

Uncorking the Bottle

One of my fatal flaws is that I bottle stuff up and then let it all loose when nobody is prepared for it.  What you’re about to read, a collection of things I’ve had bottled up over the Thanksgiving weekend and beyond (when three days of leftovers and a trip to a Brazilian BBQ place […]

terry collins victory speech

Ending the Partisanship

  I’ve gotta say that this managerial search had the feel of an election. Elements of the fan base passionately stating their case for the candidates that they back, which turned out to be Wally Backman, and Not Wally Backman. The Wally Backman camp was stronger and louder than the Not Wally Backman camp, and […]

rudy terrasas

Scout’s Dishonor

So I see that Rudy Terrasas was relieved of his duties as chief scouting director for the Mets on Saturday. What’s sad is that Terrasas’ firing marked the first time in history that I heard his name. It’s not necessarily a bad thing for him that newspapers weren’t calling for his head, he wasn’t mentioned on […]

dog and pony show

Marmaduke and Zenyatta

So it seems that the Mets have told SNY to be ready at Citi Field for a news conference on Tuesday.  In other words, they’ve reserved the dance hall … now all they need is a date to the prom. By the time the Mets have announced their new manager on Tuesday, they probably will […]