Keep Climbing

You probably have figured out after seven years of doing this that I like to be aggravated. I like to think that I don’t aggravate easily without a good reason. And let’s face it. The Mets have given me no shortage of good reasons to be aggravated. I can’t get aggravated by Sunday’s loss. Don’t […]


The Life Frank Saves Might Be His Own

You do realize that if Frangag Frantsisk had blown Sunday’s game, he was walking to Pittsburgh. Blame Bobby Parnell all you want for having an outing which ensured that Frantsisk had to come in to save a game (even though Parnell got a “hold” as a reward for giving up two runs). But Parnell hasn’t […]


The Jokes Write Themselves

Since we last spoke, which was a while ago, I think I must have stepped into some sort of alternate universe or something. In this universe, the actual news story is funnier than the jokes that are made about it: … The owners of the Mets, who have spent the last four months trying to […]


Not So Terrific Comparison

Some have compared the loss of Jose Reyes to the Tom Seaver Midnight Massacre. There are certain parallels to be sure. Star player leaves in part because of higher-ups being tight with money. And I say the following as somebody who was only six years old when Seaver was traded, and who still loves Jose […]


Best In Show

So what, now … are the Mets going to throw their name into every sexy rumor to scribble “we wuz here” on the wall? Maybe that’s unfair, but now that the


Tears of a Clown

I don’t usually quote myself. I’d quote myself all the time if I had anything worth repeating. But I never say anything smart or salient. I still haven’t, but I wanted to dust off this “gem” from March of 2009: I’ll say this about Yu Darvish, if the reason that the Mets are saving their […]


Bank Whores

Of course, good news like Ronny Paulino being gone … minuscule good news that it is … is trumped by more news from the financial sector: The owners of the Mets, needing cash and unable to turn to Major League Baseball for more financial help, received a $40 million loan from a major bank in […]


Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

There were three guys I wanted gone. Sad that our winter checklists these days include who we want gone instead of who we want to arrive. Angel Pagan was one. The other was non-tendered tonight. Now when I hear non-tender I get all tingly thinking it’s going to be Mike Pelfrey. Instead, it was the […]


Veto Powerless

In other news, it seems as if a large trade involving Chris Paul, Pau Gasol, Khloe Kardashian, and some other people was blocked by the NBA, all because Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert suggested that 25 NBA teams should move to Washington and build rotundas that honor World B. Free … or something. Seems that […]


Hometown Diss Count

My response to Albert Pujols signing with the Angels was summed up in a simple status update on Facebook:  “Albert Pujols has proven what I’ve already learned years ago: Hometown discounts no longer exist.” Brian Joura from responded to that with a very fair point: “I don’t know if I’d go that far – […]

Down With The Sickness

Fitting that seeing Jose Reyes in a jersey that looks like Rainbow Brite couldn’t hold her liquor could make us all sick. Why I myself coughed up some phlegm that had many of the same colors as that “M” in Miami just watching this. After many questions from the New York media about the Mets […]


Busy Beavers

I guess once the shackles of the Reyes saga were unlocked, the Mets could go and pursue other options. And pursue they did. First was the acquisition of Jon Rauch for the ninth inning, or so we thought for an hour. Rauch is 6′ 10″, which means his primary function will be as Mike Pelfrey’s […]


Blue Marlin Loves Anacott Steel

So the Marlins want to get into a bidding war for Jose Reyes, eh? “I’ve been hearing from people today who say the Marlins feel there is no need to guarantee a sixth year to Jose Reyes, because they’re confident they can go toe-to-toe with the Mets in a money game.” -Matt Cerrone Yeah, let […]

Friar Omar

Fernando Tatis is furiously scouring the internet to find out that 619 and 858 are the San Diego area codes. He’s also attempting to blend into the community by wearing a LaDainian Tomlinson jersey and carrying a sign that says “Norv Turner Sucks”.