Aaron Laffey Freezer

Produce And Production

So this is what Scott Boras meant when he said the Mets were shopping in the freezer section. The Mets signed lefty Aaron Laffey to a minor league contract on Thursday. Now kids, don't get your hopes up. Aaron Laffey will … most likely … suck. But the beauty of his signing is that it […]

Loria Trench Coat


Jeffrey Loria wooed Jose Reyes last season by opening his overcoat to reveal a Reyes model Marlins jersey in a hotel bar. So I'm kinda wondering what he was wearing to get John Maine to sign with the Marlins … perhaps a t-shirt that says "YOLO"? John Maine signing with the Marlins makes you wonder […]

Jack Klugman

The Password to Heaven is Ridiculous

I often reflect on the how and the why I started blogging. I was extremely bored in 2005 due to the hockey lockout. Existing creative outlets that dried up forced me to look for a new one. I hadn't complained enough about the Scott Kazmir trade and my friends were getting annoyed with me. But […]

Your Christmas List

Just some reminders before the rapture: We're still waiting for a winner to our contest in which a wonderful Mets DVD set is the prize. It's as easy as recognizing three Mets voices. We've been waiting or two months to find a winner, and one voice is tripping everybody up. If you can recognize it, […]

Grady Sizemore


With the lack of affordable outfield options available to the Mets, desperation was sure to crawl through the door. Mark down 12-20-2012 (palindrome) as the day that desperation finally made its way onto the Citi Field stoop, as they are once again looking at that ever popular "low-risk high-reward" road. Take a look at this […]

Mike Pelfrey Twins

Different Sport, Same Sinker

I'd be remised if I didn't go into some depth about Mike Pelfrey signing a one year deal with the Twins. Pelfrey is that guy that we've had so many discussions about regarding his upside. Was he an ace or not? It was reasonable to expect that the ninth overall pick could potentially be a […]


The Steps Are Ordered

Well it looks like it's finally going down. The trade of R.A. Dickey to Toronto has its supporting cast, and has its extension. Now all it needs is its physical, and our Cy Young award winner is leaving us to go to maple leafier pastures. It's only a matter of time. I have talked on […]

Newtown CT

No Words

Went to see the Nets play at Barclays Center on Friday night. This is pretty much my one NBA game that I go to every four years. The Nets winning on a Joe Johnson buzzer beater in double overtime pretty much ensured that this would be the greatest basketball game I've seen live, ever. Shows […]

Pagan Torres Trophy

They All Might Be Giants Someday

So not enough that Angel Pagan went to the Giants and lifted the World Series trophy while the two guys he was traded for came to New York and were slightly less useful than Tim Tebow at a pagan ritual (or in the Jets offense), but now one of those guys is headed back to […]

Josh Hamilton Angels

Wings Of An Outfielder

They say that when a butterfly flaps his wings, it can cause a tsunami halfway around the world. Conversely, when an outfielder signs in California, flipping out commences in Flushing. Josh Hamilton signed a 5-year $125 million deal with the L.A.A. of A. It surprised everybody, although it shouldn't have. First, because the Angels are […]

The Million Dollar Question

Noted Mets fan Jon Stewart … you know him as host of The Daily Show … had R.A. Dickey on his show last week to discuss his book, his mountain climbing, and his baseball future. He pulled no punches right off the bat with his first question: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon – […]

What Can We Inject Here? (This Has Nothing To Do With Steroids)

The winter meetings featured two main developments as far as I was concerned (not counting the David Wright news conference, which wasn't so much a development as it was a ceremony): Jason Bay signing with the Mariners (which the Mayans predicted) and Angel Pagan being given $40 million (which the Mayans responded with "WTF?") The […]


Signed, Sealed, But Only Daniel Murphy Can Deliver

It looks like David Wright will be a New York Met for life, as a source said that the contract terms have been agreed to (eight years, slightly less than $140 million). So now we know that the Mets have money. We just hope that’s not all of it. One final problem:  David Wright’s new eight-year […]


Get Out Of My Head

You might remember five days ago I gave you an exclusive listen to the voices inside my head, while talking about a trade scenario that was totally fabricated by me, between two teams that weren’t linked to that point: “In private conversations I’ve overheard (albeit between the voices in my head), R.A. Dickey would have […]


Maybe There Will Be A Point

With the Mets not in on any free agents in the range of Michael Bourn to Josh Hamilton, and with the only other way to acquire decent players in the off-season seemingly being off limits, then one would wonder what the point is of even showing up at the winter meetings next week. Hell, hotel […]